Friday Favs {September 2}

I can’t believe I just wrote September 2nd. Where did August go? Actually, where did the summer go? Time really is flying.

This week was absolutely fantastic. I got so much accomplished, I exercised every day, made some yummy meals and spent some time reading. It was one of those weeks that had the perfect balance of work and fun. And with that, here are my Friday Favs for the week.

Real Housewives of New York Reunion


There aren’t many things I love more than the reunion episodes from the Real Housewives. And with this season of New York all wrapped up, we’re ready for the three part reunion! And this reunion is Bethenny v. Luann or LieAnn as Bethenny dubbed her. I was a little disappointed in part 1, but that’s always the way it goes because there is so much hype.

I think Sonja looked beautiful, Dorinda definitely does cocaine and Bethenny calling her boyfriend’s daughter to prove that she didn’t start dating him until after his separation was just strange.

Drinks with a new friend 

On Wednesday, I went out with a new girlfriend for drinks. She is also American and we had a great time chatting about life in Germany, what we miss about the Sates (hello, Target!), married life and our goals for while we are here. It was fantastic and made me feel so much better since I’m not the only one going through the ups and downs of living abroad. We made plans to get together in the middle of September, too, and I’m already looking forward to it.

The fact that Lululemon ships to Germany for free! ‘Nuf said.

Checking out a new wine bar


This is a preemptive fav. I found this wine bar while on a walk with Copley. It opened yesterday and they are offering free glasses of champagne to celebrate this weekend. Vinn and I are going to go tonight and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll be sure to share all the details.

Book of Mormon


We are going to London at the end of October to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (What?!?) and I’ve heard from friends that London’s theater district is amazing. I did a lot of research on the shows available and when I saw that The Book of Mormon is playing, I knew we had to go. And Wednesday night, we bought our tickets. I am so excited!!

What are your favs this week? 

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