Future Daydreaming

Over the weekend, I had several moments when I stopped and thought, “This is what life’s all about! Being with family, enjoying great food and great wine.” Of course, being in a nice house with a lake view definitely helped.

It also got me thinking about what our future holds. Of course, there’s no way to tell, but it’s fun to daydream!

Hubby and I are good planners. Well, we’re good planners in our thoughts. I’m good about planning what we’ll do this weekend or where we’ll go for our next vacation and Hubby is good at planning how we’re going to save money for all the things I plan. If only I could do both!

Here’s are some of the things that encompass my daydream:

A happy family


First and foremost, my daydream is to have a happy, healthy family. There’s nothing more important than that. And, Kelly Ripa’s family is #lifegoals.

A large lakehouse


Obviously this is quite the daydream house, but some day I would love to have a smaller version of this. I love being on the water, I find it so calming. I would love to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee while sitting in my screened in porch and watching the wake of the water.

Traveling the world


I love to travel and experiencing new things. Europe is one of my all time favorite places, even though I’ve only been to Italy, France and Belgium. I would love to travel to many more countries, experience other cultures, eat their food and explore great sight/buildings.

This weekend also made me realize that this daydream of our future could be a reality if we plan for it! If we save our money now, we can absolutely buy our dream house in the future. If we plan accordingly, maybe I can stay home while the kids are babies. If I shop a little less, we’ll be able to travel back to Europe for a few weeks. The tricky part is putting all of this into action. But, just like AA, acknowledgment is the first step!

What does your future look like?

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