German Office Day 1

Guten tag.

Yesterday was the first day in the office for me. I am lucky enough that my current position is letting me work remotely from our German office until the end of February. And my office is right next to Hubby’s new office.

For privacy, I do not want to explicitly state the company where we work.

I literally did not take one picture yesterday. Oops. But, I hope these internet pictures will help give you some idea of where we’re working.



It is a really cute little town with vineyards everywhere. It is really nice. The skies are completely grey, which is very unfortunate because it is making me quite tired.

The office itself is very open. No one has cubes, everyone has a white desk that can become a stand up desk, some very nice thinking pods, a great cafeteria and so much coffee everywhere!

The day itself was okay. The team here is wonderful. They invited me to meetings, to lunch and I helped answer/edit some questions in English. That part was really fun! They are really helping me transition to Germany and have offered any help they can. And just like school, lunch was my favorite part of the day.

Hubby and I left around 5 PM and sat in traffic on the way back to the hotel. I started to feel sick around 3 yesterday, like coughing, sneezing, sore throat. I felt so badly that we didn’t go out to dinner for my friend’s birthday. I feel badly about it, but there was no way I should have gone. I fell asleep at 7:30 last night while watching Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It was glorious!

I’m feeling much better today and have downed orange juice, green tea and water to help me.

I already can’t wait for the weekend to spend quality time with Copley, study some German and start to plan some weekend trips!

How was your Wednesday?

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