Getting Out of the House

Do you ever struggle with finding the balance between relaxing and productivity? Am I the only one who feels guilty (sometimes) that I really do love sitting on the couch and watching a Housewives episode I’ve already seen three times? It’s a strange combination. I love being at home, snuggling with my dog, but I am also an outgoing person who loves to be around people.

When I worked full-time, I was obviously around people all day. I loved going out to lunch with colleagues and friends during the work day and making weekend plans together. Since our move to Germany, I haven’t really found that. I don’t work full-time anymore, a weird concept in itself but that’s for another day, and the friends I do have, work full-time, so I can only see them at night or on the weekends.

I started doing some research on women’s group in my area to see if that would be something I would be interested in joining as a way to meet people, explore my new home and hopefully give back to the community somehow. I found a group a few months ago but didn’t have the courage to go to an event. Part of me felt scared that I would be walking around not being to find the group of women. Part of me felt nervous that they wouldn’t like me. Part of me felt unmotivated to actually get out of the house to go. I was just being all around lazy about it stepping out my comfort zone AKA my apartment.

But, yesterday, I said to myself, “There’s an introduction meeting today. You have the time. GO!” And you know what, I did! And you know what else? I had a great time!

I met some great women from other countries who have moved to Germany for various reasons and found that I am not the only one who gets annoyed that the clothes I like are way too expensive. I didn’t super connect with anyone right then as most of the women are mothers and talked a lot about the school system and other child related topics. I found everything interesting but couldn’t really contribute to the conversation as much.

Overall, I am very proud of myself. I went by myself to a new place and put myself out there to expand my horizons and to meet new people. I will definitely attend more events with this group. They have a book club that I am really interested in joining. I have found that for me I just need to get somewhere because then I don’t regret it. It’s so easy to stay home or take the dog for another walk instead, but I am always happy when I go and do something, no matter what it is. I truly believe that in life you regret the things you don’t do and not the things you do.


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How do you make new friends? What motivates you to get out of the house?

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