Getting Your Dog a Pet Passport

Yes, you read that correctly. Dogs get a pet passport here in Europe. And actually, it is specific for travel within the European Union.

I did not want to share Copley’s pet passport to keep her privacy 🙂



I thought it was going to insane paperwork like most things in Germany but actually it was quite simple! Here are the steps just in case you are interested:

Step 1: Find a vet. 

We were lucky enough to have a recommendation for a vet in the area who speaks English quite well. It was great!!

Step 2: Gather your paperwork. 

You will need to bring all the paperwork you did prior to bringing your dog to Europe. The rabies vaccine certificate and the microchip number are the most important.

Step 3: Visit the vet.

I called the vet and explained to them what we wanted to do and they said just to come in. They don’t use appointments for anything like this and to just show up. I went to the vet’s office on Wednesday and waited about 6 minutes before getting ushered with the vet. It was so easy! She checked Copley and then the vet tech walked in with her passport.

See, easy peasy. The one problem: her microchip number is wrong…so I have to go back and fix it. Bummer, but I’m glad it didn’t take months to get. Now, where should we travel with the puppers?




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