Going Home…Or is it?

As I mentioned on Friday, Vinn and I spent two weeks back in the good ol’ USA to see family and friends, work a little bit and, of course, celebrate the wedding of my best friend. I wouldn’t exactly call this trip relaxing because we were in three states and coordinating time to see as many people as we possibly could, but it was a great two weeks with memories that will last forever.

This past trip was the trip where I realized that I no longer live in America. Everything looks pretty much the same, Target is still as glorious as it’s always been, but it was different. am different. I noticed how big the highways really are and commented every time we saw a huge SVU because I haven’t seen a Yukon in ten months. I noticed how expensive eating out really is! In Germany, we can go out to a nice dinner with several alcoholic drinks and spend less than 100 Euro. In Michigan, an average meal with one drink per person is at least $100. Germany wins in that regard. Silly little things like that I became more conscious of. And so much Mexican food was consumed because it just isn’t the same over here. Of course, seeing friends and family we just jumped right back to where we left off and being able to communicate with anyone and everyone is certainly easier, but I didn’t feel as “at home” as I have in the past. It’s kind of like when you come back to your parent’s house after your first semester in college. It’s still your room, your house, your family, but you feel different. Maybe a little more grown up, a little more aware of your surroundings, but oh so happy to be there!

We spent our time in Michigan with some great friends that we haven’t seen since we moved and got to see their new house, eat some of our old Michigan favorites and then hung out with my sister who flew in from Atlanta.




We went to the Tigers game, which was really fun! Eating a hot dog, an actual hot dog and not a brat, was the highlight of the game for me. Nothing in the world like a ballpark frank, am I right? And then we shopped our little faces off. We have officially crossed over to Europeans because the clothes are so much less expensive in the States as opposed to Germany. I left with a pair of jeans, a dress, an entire Lululemon outfit, a pair of shoes and Kendra Scott earnings. Vinn was the big winner of the trip with three pairs of shoes and three pairs of jeans. He hasn’t bought any clothes in like six months, so he was definitely due.



*This was one of several attempts at a selfie. This one turned out ok, actually! 

After Michigan, we drove seven hours to Milwaukee so we could spend time with Vinn’s parents and some of his friends from high school. It was great to be in Milwaukee again and to go to our old stomping grounds from college and the first few years of adulthood. I went back to the hotel spa where I got ready for our wedding to have a glorious hour massage. I really should get those more often!

We said our goodbyes after three days in Milwaukee and drove to Chicago to spend time with the bride and groom before their big day! We also saw my cousin who goes to college in Chicago, which was super nice. Megan and I went to SoulCycle and got our nails done, while Vinn ate Chipotle two days in a row. That guy just loves Chipotle. We had dinner at RPM Italian, an all-time favorite, with Megan and Sebastian and Jenna and Jason, another best friend from college and her husband. The dinner did not disappoint and the company wasn’t half bad either.



*A stop at Eataly is always required. 





Then we drove out to a Chicago suburb for the rehearsal and the wedding. We got to see my parents since they were invited, as well. Getting ready for the wedding with girlfriends is always a favorite part of the day. Everyone just sitting around, watching Housewives, drinking champagne and getting our hair and makeup done is such a bonding experience. The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful and Megan has never looked more stunning. The reception was spectacular, with the best playlist that has ever existed at a wedding and a father of the bride speech that will go down in history.



Tears were shed when we said goodbye to everyone on Sunday. When you have such an epic weekend and you remember how much fun everyone is, it’s so hard to part ways. But we will always have the memories and the remembrance that distance may be felt, only in miles, but never at heart.

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