Since last week was Thanksgiving and we had our Friendsgiving on Saturday, I thought I would write something about what I’m thankful for this year. It has become a tradition at Friendsgiving to go around the table and say what you’re thankful for, which is just so nice. It’s especially nice because most people there are American expats and going through the same ups and downs, trials and tribulations and homesickness we are. It’s a nice community that can really only appreciate our circumstances.

This year I feel extra sentimental. I’m not sure if that’s because we are halfway through our time living abroad, because a lot of our friends are starting their families and it gets me really thinking about that phase of life or that I have a big birthday on the horizon. *I turn 30 in June and I feel like that’s when I officially become an adult for some unknown reason.* But for some reason, I am feeling extra thankful this year. Here are my deep and not so deep things I’m grateful for in 2017.

I feel extremely grateful for my husband. I know this is obvious but 2017 has had some insane highs and some tough lows and it has brought us closer together. I’m thankful for how hard he works and that he is passionate about his job. I love that no matter how hard of day he’s had, he always asks me what he can do to help me, especially after he’s had his first glass of whiskey. I am thankful for the life we’ve built together and that the best is yet to come.

Family Alps

I’m grateful for girl’s lunches, reality tv, a good Friends joke and YouTube videos of people falling. I’m grateful for travel and the ability to see all that Europe has to offer.


I’m thankful and grateful for my Mima and the times we had together. I found myself thinking of her over Friendsgiving because she would have loved how we all went around the table saying such nice words and she’d make us have her turn be last so she wouldn’t really have to say anything when it came time for her to say what she’s grateful for. She would just say all of us and that everyone had such good answers. She would have loved that I made tiramisu and that the wine was flowing quite freely. I’m grateful for the memories we built together over 29 years and that her memory and spirit will live on. I hope to live up to her expectations of me. (She would hate that I ended some of these sentences with prepositions, sorry Mims…and Mom)!

Speaking of my mom, I am thankful for her, my dad and sister. They have been a huge support system my entire life but have stepped up the game the past year and a half since our move. I can call my mom crying about something and she always talks me off the ledge or at least tells me it’s okay to have that piece of chocolate! I’m thankful that my dad is supportive of me and Vinn and walks him through difficult work situations. He has always given me great, sound advice and it’s nice to see him extending his knowledge to Vinn. My sister, well, I’m thankful that we share a sense of humor and that she and her boyfriend asked us where we still wanted to go when they visited in July and that we had the best time in Croatia! I’m grateful for my extended family as they’ve let us crash with them while we’re back in the States and sent us updates on their lives so we don’t feel completely out of touch.

I am grateful for cappuccinos, pasta, tiramisu, good wine and bubbly champagne.

champagne district

I am thankful that I have made so many wonderful friends here in Germany and that I’ve kept up with my friendships at home. I had no idea what to expect when we moved and thought for sure I wouldn’t have many friends. I am happy that I was wrong about that and that I have built some fantastic relationships & memories that will extend past our time here. I am also thankful that I still talk to friends at home and friends who will visit over here! You all have no idea how much it means to me that you will travel across an ocean to drink in Champagne or just to watch the Real Housewives in a hotel room!

I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made thanks to this blog. And for all you readers! Thank you for following along this journey!

And last but certainly not least, I am thankful for this face.

grateful for copley

I am so grateful for the best dog in the world. A dog who brings me laughter and joy every single day. A dog who spends 90% of her life sitting on my lap or following me. A dog who loves unconditionally and who helped me survive a cross-continental move in a way no human ever could. I am especially grateful that Copley has learned how to travel and be in restaurants. When we first moved to Germany and had to leave her in the hotel so we could go to work, I could hear her crying down the hallway after we left. And now, she is a champ and doesn’t make a peep. She’s also learned to lay down while we eat out and usually ends up on my lap, like the picture above.

What are you grateful for this year?

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  1. Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real | 27th Nov 17

    Isn’t it crazy how while we are grateful every day for things, yet it takes a holiday like Thanksgiving to get us to really think? This year, I’m grateful for my family who is supportive of me staying on the East Coast instead of moving back to Chicago and my boyfriend’s family for welcoming me into their home like a second daughter.

    • Jessica | 27th Nov 17

      You are so right about how the holidays make you really think! Those are some great reasons to be thankful.

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