Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Happy, Happy Birthday to the best guy around! You are the most supportive, loving husband. I can’t imagine life without you. We’ve shared some amazing experiences, built even better memories and have started building a pretty fabulous life together. I can’t wait for our future. I love you!!


He’s pretty pumped about his birthday.  Copley, not so much.

We had the day off today – me for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Hubby’s company gives every employee the day off for their birthday – so we enjoyed a wonderful day together.

The day started with a 6 mile dreadmill run at the gym. Seriously, I get why treadmills were invented, but why do they have to suck so badly?! I I ended up running 3/4 of a mile and walking 1/4 mile for all 6, but, I got put a lovely check mark on on training plan.



We came back, showered and headed off for a day movie day and lunch. We saw American Sniper. Holy cow, is this movie amazing! Bradley Cooper did an amazing job, the movie kept my attention, brought tears to my eyes and an amazing sense of pride to be an American.The ending is quite sad and the theater was in complete silence when it was over. That’s never happened and it was quite a moment.

I want to extend a tremendous thank you to our troops and veterans for all of your amazing commitment to fighting for our country. I will forever be in debt to your service for keeping us all safe.

Basically everything I say now will be completely trivial…but, I’ll continue.

We had a quick lunch at Bahama Breeze after I dried my tears. It was okay. I would go  back but order something other than the salmon tosada I ate.

Later today, I made Hubby a birthday feast!


Only the best for my main squeeze! On the menu: veal ravioli with spinach and homemade marinara sauce. The sauce is my great-grandmother’s recipe and it is just the best in the whole world. My memories of her are only of her cooking and every time I make Italian food, I think of her. We also  had homemade bruschetta and proscuitto arancini. Arancini are rice balls that are rolled in breadcrumbs then fried. SO GOOD!

I didn’t make everything and got a lot of the meal from Cantoro’s, an amazing Italian market in our area.

And what birthday is complete without dessert? We enjoyed 3 different cannoli types – hazelnut, Sicilian and Italian – and some tiramisu!


All was delicious and I’m completely full and ready for my chubby nap.

One last note: Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was a true American hero.

How was your Monday?

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