Happy Birthday, Momma!

Well, hello there. Happy Monday, Happy First Day of Spring and, most importantly, Happy Birthday to my amazing momma.


I won’t say which birthday this is because you will kill me, but I want to dedicate this post today to my beautiful, amazing, strong mom. I know everyone thinks they have the best mom, but I think my mom would definitely rank in the Top 5 ever, only to be behind Caroline Manzo and probably Kate Middleton. Could you imagine if Kate Middleton was your mom and you can raid her closet?

Here are the top reasons why my mom is the absolute best:

  • She introduced me to great music like Carole King, Diana Ross and other classics. We would jam to some oldies, acting out Ain’t No Mountain High Enough while driving around looking at all the huge houses and wondering what it looked like inside.
  • She is an amazing cook! Like incredible. Everything from homemade crab cakes to marinara sauce and the best coffee cake with all the cinnamon crunch on top, which is probably why I was fat as a child.
  • She is the strongest person I know. She battles an incurable disease but you would never know it. She never complains and puts everyone else’s needs above her own.
  • She feels her emotions. It’s because of her that I am in touch with how I’m feeling and every time we’re together we go through pretty much every emotion, especially crying and laughter.
  • She taught me that life is for living and that money can’t be happiness.
  • She is passionate. She taught me that finding your passion in life is the most important thing and to always follow my dreams.
  • She is my best friend.
  • She taught me how the best is yet to come always.That life always gets better when you surround yourself with great people, great food and great wine.
  • When I was going through the mean girls phase of middle school, she taught me that girls are mean when they are insecure with themselves and it has nothing to do with me.
  • We share a love of housewives and she can insert a housewives quote at the perfect time.
  • Her laugh is the best thing in the world. I seriously can’t count how many times we’ve laughed so hard we’ve started crying in my family!
  • And since becoming a wife, I’ve learned so much more from my mom. She taught me how putting your marriage first will create a bond that can’t be broken and will make your love last a lifetime.
  • She makes the best cheese plate ever. Well, any appetizer actually. All food as mentioned above. She taught me that it’s always better to have too much food than not enough when having people over.
  • She always find the fun in a situation.
  • She taught me how to use shopping as an aerobic exercise.
  • Most importantly, she knows that the sun never sets on a badass.

Love you, Mom, to the moon and back! I’m sorry I can’t be there today but May will be here before you know it!! I love that you’re my mom.

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