Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hola, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I plan on making some yummy turkos (tacos made with turkey) tonight along with some guacamole and probably a Corona or two. To celebrate the fun together, I thought I’d share my guacamole recipe.


I love guacamole and avocado in general. It’s super easy to make and you don’t have to measure anything! #forthewin

You can enjoy with chips, red pepper slices or on top of pretty much anything. I think it’s delicious and once you make it once, you don’t even need to look at a recipe. The secret: garlic!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Do you love guacamole? What’s your favorite thing to eat or drink on Cinco de Mayo?


  1. Amanda | 6th May 15

    I didn’t know you started a blog! How exciting! Guac looks delish!

    Miss you guys! AND congrats on the marathon!

  2. Jessica Howard | 6th May 15

    Thanks! Miss you…hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. Can you send some our way?

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