Happy Valentine’s Day, Experiences over Gifts


Happy Valentine’s Day. Or Galentine’s Day. Or just happy Wednesday if you don’t feel like celebrating this year.

I am a combination of the first and last this year. Valentine’s Day used to be all about writing little cards and giving out candy to everyone in your class, making a homemade mailbox for all the cards you’d receive and then eating your body weight in chocolate. I miss the simpler times.

I mean, I will gladly take all the chocolate and a nice card but really only need one from my husband. And probably my mom. She still sends me little notes and gifts on Valentine’s Day and I love that tradition. It usually involves heart Reese’s cups! So, this holiday will always have a special place in my heart because mine and Vinn’s first real date was Valentine’s Day 2007. Whoa, that was 11 years ago.

Vinn and I have celebrated with gifts, cards, candy and flowers years past but we’ve recently adopted an experience gifting scenario in place of physical gifts. I’ve written about it more in this post and this year is no exception. We booked a trip to Barcelona this weekend and it will be my first time visiting Spain. It’s been on my list for as long as I can remember and I’m really excited to finally check it! I hope we are still able to go because Vinn pulled a back muscle at a tennis match on Saturday and hasn’t been comfortable or mobile since. Fingers crossed.

I would much rather spend the holiday weekend experiencing new things with my husband than have another piece of jewelry or purse. I want to be able to sit on our front porch when we’re old and look back on all the things we did, not look at all the things we’ve bought.  I want to try new foods and build memories with my Valentine instead of gifts.

Of course, when we have kids, I will gladly welcome the homemade mailboxes again and will definitely give them gifts, but for now, I’m choosing experiences over gifts. They fuel my soul and are what make worth living.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

Why I'm Choosing Experiences Over Gifts This Valentine's Day

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  1. Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real | 14th Feb 18

    I love experiences over things. I think that’s a fun tradition you and Vin have! Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy Spain!!

    • Jessica | 16th Feb 18

      Happy Belated V-Day to You!

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