Hotel Living

It’s been exactly one week since I started staying in this hotel. At first it was actually sorta fun!

We were somewhere else where we didn’t have any real responsibilities. There weren’t dishes to do…because we were eating out every meal. We didn’t have to change any sheets or clean the bathroom! It was great…for about 2 days.

Even Copley was bored of the hotel life.



But I mean she is cute.

Pro: Not having to clean anything. EXCEPT that the hotel has not cleaned my room ONCE! I even called the front desk to ask for towels and I had to go to down to them to get fresh towels! Isn’t that insane! And no one has mentioned my room not being cleaned. Everyone says they’ll get to it tomorrow and I get home and there’s nothing. So, the pro is that I don’t have to clean, but the con is, I’m living in filth.

Con: Paying for laundry. Ugh, when was the last time I actually paid for laundry? Probably 4 years when I was living in Chicago. It has been a requirement since then to have laundry in my unit. I can’t go back.



Pro: Breakfast is included. That is very nice that on my way out every morning I can grab a yogurt and coffee and hit the road.

Con: No Bravo on the tv. But I turned that into a pro when I remembered that there’s a Bravo app! I downloaded it on my iPad and it has changed everything about it.

Con: No routine. I haven’t worked out since Sunday. I’ve been eating pizza and Cheez-It’s and chocolate. It’s not good. I can definitely control my eating and I should control my eating. I feel so badly coming home, taking Copley out and putting her back in her cage so I can go to the gym. I am definitely ready to get back to the routine and to working out and for Copley to adjust to our new normal.

Overall: I hate it I hate being in confined quarters, I hate leaving Copley in an unfamiliar place and hearing her cry, I hate not having access to all my stuff. For example, it rained yesterday and I really wished I had my Hunter boots. Well, there were only so many shoes I could bring, so no rain boots for me. The worst part is that we will be in a hotel until we find an apartment and our sea freight arrives. More hotel living is in our future and I just want to sleep on my bed. Like now.

Any advice? What’s the nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed?

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