Housewives Dinner Parties

Hi Everyone! I had a pretty heavy post yesterday on my new job, and I wanted to get back to something fun. And what’s more fun then some housewives?



You’re right!

I’ve been intently watching RHOC and RHONY, and I must say, these season are must better than recent seasons. I am enjoying watching, laughing, crying about Vicki’s mom passing and eyes glued to the screen for the drama. It’s been wonderful.

One of my favorite parts of the Housewives franchises is the dinner parties. And I was perusing and found a photo collage of Dinner Party Disasters! I thought I would share my favorites.

Naked Wasted


I wanted this to be the theme of my bachelorette party! This dinner party was superb. I want to say Season 4 RHOC and Gretchen’s first season. She goes to Tamra’s (and Simon’s) house for a dinner party and she gets DRUNK! Tamra says, “We’re going to get Gretchen wasted. Naked wasted.” What does that mean? Who cares! Gretchen got bombed, hit on Tamra’s son and made a fool of herself. Perfect tv! P.S. Am I the only one who misses Donn?

Table Flip


Ah, a classic. Season 1 RHONJ finale. Love it. “You prostitution whore!” Classic.

True Dinner Party from Hell


And then, Allison DuBois pulled out her electronic cig. Season 1 RHOBH, Camille Grammer was being her Mrs. Kelsey Grammer self, and hosted a dinner party. It was amazing. “Who is Faye? Oh, I saw her naked in Playboy.” Another all-time favorite!



Don’t you ever talk about my husband!! And then throw your glass. Amazing. I love me some Lisa Rinna. This is the newest dinner episode and I will always love it!

Go to Sleep! You’re Crazy!!


And my all time favorite, Scary Island. Full disclosure, I actually just watched this episode. It makes me so happy. It’s a classic and is probably one of the reasons why I continue to watch these shows. Kelly went crazy. Enough said.

Do you have a favorite Housewives Dinner episode? Have you ever experienced anything like this in your real life? 


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