How Moving to an Online Calendar Changed My Life

Let’s talk organization. I am a super Type-A, semi OCD, lover of color coordinating, standard first-born lady. I need to write down everything so 1) I don’t forget to do it and 2) so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off the list once it’s completed. Am I right? Is there anything more wonderful than marking something off your to-do list? No, the cheese stands alone. Fine.

I used to always have a paper planner. And I loved it. I looked forward to every September when the next year planners would come out in Target/online and I would browse the section for way longer than I’d like to admit. But, for the last few months, I’ve noticed how my paper planner wasn’t fitting my needs anymore. For the record, I had an Erin Condren customized planner. And while it served it’s purpose for a decent amount of time, it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I searched for other paper options but couldn’t find anything that fit my needs. And then a few days ago, I saw on Blair’s blog how she created her own planner because she felt the exact same way. I never thought about making my own paper planner and while I love that idea (and Blair’s planner), I decided to go the digital route.

A little over two months ago, I completely switched to an online calendar through Google Calendar. I mentioned it in my Friday Favs post in July and I can honestly say I can never go back.

Here’s a screen shot from this week.

online google calendar

I have different color calendars for different types of appointments, to-dos, etc. I have a calendar for my teaching schedule, my marketing job schedule, my blog editorial calendar, workouts, vacations, general appointments, spending, Vinn’s after work appointments and meal planning. I love seeing everything in one place. And, all the colors really do make me happy.

I also use the calendar for my to-do’s. These are more general to-do’s, like an article I want to read, a podcast I want to listen to, blog goals and other random things I need to do or buy. I do keep a paper daily to-do list for small things like vacuuming or laundry and a Google Doc for future blog post ideas. I used to keep these things on the sidebar to-do list, but I love having my blog ideas all together and a to-do list on my desk for simple things. And, I can still cross things off!

Probably the biggest reason I made the switch to online is because I can easily make adjustments. When I had the paper planner, I would have to scratch out an appointment or deadline if it changed and it just looked incredible sloppy. This especially became apparent after I started teaching and classes would get cancelled all the time. I hated the look and that if something changed, I didn’t have enough space for new things. Now all I have to do is delete the appointment or move it to it’s rescheduled day. There’s no evidence. It’s so much cleaner and nicer.

I chose Google because I can also have the app on my phone. I tried the calendar app that’s in my iPhone already and it just didn’t cut it either. The Google Calendar app is amazing and adds cute pictures based on your appointment. For example, when I have a tennis lesson, a tennis racket is behind my appointment. Everything syncs if I make a change on my phone or my desktop and I get alerts for my next appointments on the go.

I find myself feeling more organized, feeling content with how my days go and that there are enough hours in the day to work, blog, exercise and spend time with my family. I actually follow the schedule and get a lot done during the day and night. I’m going to bed feeling accomplished and ready for what the next day will bring, which means I sleep better!

Do I miss the paper planner? No. I am obsessed with having my calendar online.

How do you organize your appointments/calendar? Any tips for daily organization? 


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