I Want Yolanda’s Fridge

Hi There! Today our sea and air freight items were delivered to our apartment. So now our nice, empty apartment is filled with boxes and random furniture everywhere. I didn’t take any pictures of it because it gives me quite anxiety. Anxiety for the amount of work that’s needed to make our house a home and anxiety for shopping with furniture that will both function and look nice.

So, instead of focusing on the OCD part of me, I want to share today the design for our apartment. In an ideal world, I’d love Yolanda’s fridge. I mean, look at this gorgeousness:



Glass doors, gorgeous fresh fruits and veggies, bottles of Fiji water and organization at its finest in this fridge. Of course, my fridge will never look like this because mine is filled with tupperware and fruits still in the grocery store bags. But, a girl can dream.

For the attainable, I am so excited to have a fresh start for designing our apartment. In the past, I have bought whatever was cheapest and fastest. We needed a desk, so we went to IKEA and bought the first desk we saw and was under $100. Now that we have a little more money (and it really is just a little) and I have better tuned my style, I’m ready to finally get an apartment that flows together and have furniture that we will still want for a future house.

I’m really excited to go shopping!! I’ll absolutely share progress and I’m considering putting a list on here to help keep track of everything we need to do. For now, this is the dream, design and inspiration for our German apartment.



  1. Karen Howard | 15th Mar 16

    I can’t wait to see how the living room turns out with the color scheme you have shown and the ideas that you have. I can already picture you, Vinn and Copley snuggled together on the couch.

  2. Lucy | 22nd Mar 16

    That fridge is insane! Not sure how many people could keep it looking like that all the time though (guess I’m just a bit bitter that mine’s positively shabby by comparison!). Love the scheme design!

    • Jessica Howard | 23rd Mar 16

      Right?! My fridge is totally empty, so I guess that’s something positive.

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