After watching #theoscars, I realized how much I look up to the men and women walking the red carpet. They are so impressive! These actors and actresses work so hard to entertain us and I love watching movies because it’s a great way to escape the every day. That got me thinking about all the people I idolize, outside of my family.

Side bar: I will say I idolize Hubby the most for being so hardworking and the most loving hubby ever. I also idolize my mom, dad and sister. No explanation needed. None of them can do any wrong in my eyes. They are pretty awesome people!But, I digress. Here’s my list of women I idolize:

I’ve had a wide variety of “dream jobs.”  It pretty much changed every year growing up, ranging from a teacher to a nurse to a journalist to a stay-at-home mom to a marketer.  Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I love marketing and writing.  (Why I started this blog!)  And I look up to women who follow their dreams, work hard and laugh along the way!

Tina Fey + Amy Poheler 


-I mean, do I need to say more?  These 2 are powerhouse comediennes who changed the landscape of women in comedy.  Their SNL lifetime was a little before my time…like I wasn’t allowed to watch it….but 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation are in my lifetime and 2 of my all-time favorite shows.  Their writing is hilarious and the fact that they are best friends is the icing on the cake.  I love that they don’t compete with each other, but embrace each other.  True role models for following your passion, working hard and not letting the glass ceiling hit you on the head!

Lisa Vanderpump


-Is it silly to have a Real Housewife as an idol?  Well, you should probably stop reading because my next one has appeared on Bravo, too.  Lisa Vanderpump is the epitome of elegance, class and a no-bullshit attitude.  She and her husband have owned and operated more than 20 restaurants in 3 countries!  You can’t doubt this woman knows a little bit of how to run a business and how to make money…I mean, look at their house!  She also owns an online journal with her daughter, loves her doggies (Why, Hello, Giggy!)  and admits that she can’t just sit around and let people do the work for her.  I love how she tries her best to stay above the fray and that this season we’ve seen her more as a mother. She is truly an example of how to be a lady.

Bethenny Frankel


-Say what you want about Bethenny – she’s a raging bitch, she is never satisfied with her success and she steamrolls people.  I would agree with some of these comments, but you must also mention her ability to see a gap in the marketplace and pounce on it. I’ve had her Skinnygirl drinks (which are just ok, BTW), read her books and obsessively watched her on Bravo.  I think she is one of the hardest working women in reality tv who worked her butt off to get to where she always wanted to be. She is the epitome of anything can happen. You can go from living in a one-bedroom apartment barley able to make rent to pregnant, married and buying a $5 million apartment in NYC.

Emily Schuman 


I ready Cupcakes and Cashmere daily. Emily Schuman’s style is so chic and she takes everything in stride. There are many articles out there about how she doesn’t have any original ideas and is making money from being a copycat. While that may be true (she does link all the recipes to someone else), I think she speaks to the women of my generation who want to have it all. She throws great parties, has a strong marriage, is creating a thriving business and just had a baby. She lets me know you can have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Kelly Ripa 


Kelly Ripa is amazing. I love her show, I love her personality, I love how much she loves her husband. She is a working mom who puts her children first. I mean, look at the above picture. She’s just like the rest of us! Running around town with her family and trying to get through the day, and she does it so elegantly. And, I mean, she’s friends with Andy Cohen. Need I say more?

Mindy Kaling 


Mindy is HILARIOUS. There’s pretty much nothing else to say. Just like Tina and Amy, she is killing it as a comedy writer. She can do no wrong. She makes references to Bravo, watching TV and is so smart. She followed her dreams of being in Hollywood.


Sheryl Sandberg – no explanation necessary.

Jennifer Aniston – She went from being a “nobody” to the most sought after actress in Hollywood.

Giuliana Rancic – G is Italian (BTW, I’m Italian) and has used her celebrity to bring awareness to breast cancer. And, she’s married to Bill Rancic, love!

I think it’s safe to say that I admire humor, hard work and giving a huge middle finger to anyone who stands in your way. So, here’s to women who push boundaries to get what they want!!

Who are your idols?

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