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This past week has been really tough. I’ve been recovering from a cold and something tragic happened to my family over the weekend. My beloved grandmother, Mima, passed away. She was one of my absolute favorite people in the entire world and I am heartbroken. I don’t….or can’t…get into everything just yet. I’m still processing everything, struggling with being so far away and embracing the new normal.

But in times of grief, you lean on your family and friends and I have been so humbled by the outpouring of love I have received from everyone! It’s been a lesson that life is short and to follow your dreams and passions.



This picture is one of my absolute favorites from our wedding. It perfectly embodies my relationship with Mima. She would do or say something so witty and cute and I would laugh. We have always been super close. Her grandchildren were her life and she was always part of the big milestones, especially the first grandchild wedding. She loved Vinn, too, which is such a blessing. I love her so much and she loved me even more. Whenever I would say, “I love you,” she would always reply, “Love you more!”

This picture is also a testament to how important photos are in life. This is how I will remember my grandmother and I will cherish it forever. Shoutout to our amazing wedding photographer Molly from MThreeStudio!

I truly believe that Mima is in a better place, is laughing with her parents and my grandpa and drinking cold, white wine all day long. I’m sure she’s putting on her journalist hat and grilling everyone on their life. She’s playing tennis without any aches or pains. She’s sitting around a table filled with appetizers and discussing what the heck is happening with the Trump administration.

She always found the humor in any situation, she believed a good glass of wine and a good cry could solve any problem, that laughter is the best medicine and that family is the most important thing. She definitely knew how to laugh and to wait for your moment to deliver a zinger. I hope to continue to make her proud and to keep living life to the fullest, just like she did.

I love you, Mims.

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