Is the #RHONY Going to Get Better?


I just don’t know about these ladies of New York. Sonja is out of control and stupid at the same time. And that is a lethal combination. She loves Ramona, she hates Ramona, she doesn’t want to talk about her divorce, she doesn’t want to talk about her businesses or her lawsuits, but she wants solicited advice. I can’t keep up! Can you?

And Bethenny, you used to be my favorite and now you’re getting a little too haggard or angry or both. The saving grace of this episode was when Bethenny and Sonja went to lunch and they had an honest and funny conversation. They need to get back to that all the time!

Dorinda is great, so is her daughter. Her boyfriend, not so much. At the end of this episode, he grabs Sonja and “playfully” dances with her and grabs her. I found it high inappropriate. If my significant other did anything like that, well, he wouldn’t be my significant other anymore. If someone can do that in front of you, can you imagine what he’s doing without you?

Luann and Carole are fighting…over a 23-year-old. And not in the way you think. Luann is “upset” that Carole is “dating” her niece’s ex-boyfriend. I mean, it’s a little weird, but who cares. It’s not like everyone hangs out all the time. I doubt Carole is going to marry this dude. Take your own sayings, Countess, and be cool.

This is all I remember from this episode. And that is sad.

I really don’t know if I’ll keep watching. No, scratch that. I will 100% watch. I don’t think I’m invested in this season yet. I hope Bethenny calms down. I hope Heather stops fighting other people’s battles. I hope Ramona and Sonja can be fun again, like St. Barth’s fun.

The preview for the next episode does look good. Sonja wasted and no underwear? Now that’s some #RHONY I’ll watch!

Are you invested in this season? Who is your favorite character? What about Bethenny – is she a good addition?

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