It's December?

Wow. It is officially December. How the h-e-l-l did that happen? I feel we were just having a 3-day weekend for Labor Day, enjoying the lake, sunshine and boat rides.

And now a new season is upon us…the holiday season. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love the colors, I love decorations (no one’s decorations can top my moms…except maybe Shannon Beador), I love spending time with family, I love Christmas music, I love Christmas movies. I. Love. Christmas. I. Love. December.

And with this new month, I thought I would share my goals for December!

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Side Note: Clearly I am on a Frozen kick! 

Keep focusing on being healthy.

I’ve been doing really well on the work out front and okay on the healthy eating. I heard on the radio that the average person gains 8 – 12 pounds during the holidays. That amount is quite a lot for my 5’2″ frame and I want to be going in the opposite direction. My goal for December is to keep hitting the treadmill, my Orangetheory classes and eating clean and lean foods.

Watch as many Christmas movies as possible. 

I just love Christmas movies. I want to watch all of them. Maybe that’ll be a nice thing to add to my evening routine. I want to watch: Elf, Four Christmases, Christmas Vacation, The Family Stone (for the ugly tears, obvi), The Holiday, Love Actually and Frozen. These are all pretty old. Are there any new Christmas movies I should watch? I kinda want to watch Christmas with Kranks and it’s on Netflix.

Survive my work schedule. 

Yes, seriously. This is a crazy time of year! I have to go to Indy for a trade show next week and the following week is another overseas trip. It is going to be insane. I just want to survive and not get sick so I can have a great break with my family.


I want to donate my time, money, non-perishable goods, anything to some of my favorite organizations. This time of year always reminds me of the troops and that they are away from their families, while they fight for the freedom for the rest of us and our families. And Toys for Tots is another favorite because they are everywhere and every child deserves to open a toy on Christmas.

Play games with family. 

Aside from eating, drinking and watching movies (all necessities for my family holidays), I’d love to play some games. We usually crack open some Scattegories or play charades. Charades is hilarious and I usually end up on the floor laughing!

Catch up with old friends.

The holidays are usually the perfect time to meet up with friends from high school because we all usually come home. My best friend from high school should be home and my best friend in the entire world (we met in college) grew up 30 minutes from my house. I want to pick up right where we left off (that is the sign of a true friend, isn’t it) and enjoy some wine at a lounge. It’s going to be great!

Really, I just want to have fun this month. December is time to be with family and friends, count your blessings, stay happy and healthy and give back to others less fortunate. It’s the best time to realize there are great things in life…and that there’s always room for gelato!

What are your goals for December? How do you celebrate with family and friends? What are your favorite Christmas movies? 


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