June Goals

How is it June? We’re halfway through 2016. Time is just passing way too quickly. Isn’t that what everyone says as they get older? Well, I’m officially in the group that says life goes in a minute.

I’m a goal oriented person by nature and want to start putting monthly goals together so that I can accomplish things I’ve always wanted to do so I can continue to grow and learn. I shared some goals before, but this time, I’m breaking them down into months to make them more manageable.

June is the perfect month to start because this is my birthday month. I’m turning another year older…28…a year closer to 30 and closer to really needing to make sure my shit is together. So, here we go, June Goals 2016! And what says goals like a cute picture of Copley laying in her puppy bed.


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I’ve been doing well with this so far in 2016, and I want to continue. I want to read 3 books this month. I’m currently reading Shonda Rhimes book, Year of Yes, and it is really interesting. I’m thinking of reading The Nest afterwards and after that I’m not sure.

Write More

Writing is therapeutic for me. Hello, that’s why I started a blog. I’ve had ideas floating around for some books for quite some time, so this month I’m going to tackle some chapters. I’m contemplating taking an online creative writing class, too. I need to research that more.

Understand Our Cash Flow

We’ve been spending a lot of money recently on larger ticket items, like our couch, outdoor furniture and a nice dress for an upcoming wedding. I am not the most financially savvy person and even less so now that I’m married to a finance major. I want to have an understand of how much and when I’m spending money. It’s just smart. #adulting

Start Tennis Lessons 

I took tennis lessons one summer when I was probably 10 or 11. I didn’t love it. I loved playing softball and volleyball and being part of a team. I really enjoy watching tennis and Vinn is an amazing tennis player. We’ve “played” together a few times and I get frustrated because I don’t have great form and we can’t really volley back and forth.  I have enough hand/eye coordination to get the ball over the net, but I don’t have control over where it goes. I now really want to learn how to officially play tennis! I want to get good enough so Vinn and I can really play against each other and one day be on a doubles team. Pipe dreams!

Plan Our Next Vacation

Enough said.

I can just feel that June is going to be a great month! What are your goals this month?


  1. Ara Lawrence | 1st Jun 16

    My goals this month are simple. First priority is to rehab my wrist/hand, starting today. It is already well on the way. Next is to lose some weight; started the low-carb diet again yesterday. Next is to complete the Memory Book I am preparing for my Seattle cousins whom we will visit in July. And then preparations begin for our Riverboat Cruise on the Snake and Columbia Rivers out west. At the end of this trip is our family get-together, including you and Vinn. Yea!

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