Lately {May 10}

Wow!! What a week. Apologies for being MIA for the last week…sorry. Actually no, sorry not sorry. I had a fantastic week with my sister and her boyfriend visiting. It was fantastic to have our first visitors in Germany, to show them our new home and to visit a new city, Prague.

I’m going to do a full Prague recap because it was absolutely amazing! I didn’t do any research for the trip, so I had no idea what to expect. It is quite a gorgeous city that is right on the water and inexpensive food and drinks.

Here are some phone pictures from the past week!



Sisters in Stuttgart. We visited the Stuttgart zoo because it was raining one day and then shopped on the main street. It was a decently low key but fabulous first day.



The next day we visited city center of Ludwigsburg. Here we are at the Ludwigsburg Palace. Thanks selfie stick for the photo!



In Prague, drinking a flight of beer. I only liked 2 of the 4.



Copley got to use her pet passport for the first time and came with us to Prague. She was a great girl who was well behaved in restaurants! Isn’t Prague gorgeous?



A gorgeous day spent exploring the city and eating ice cream.

We got back early Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend recovering on the couch just watching tv. It was glorious. And now I have to kick it up a notch with my workouts and clean eating before we had back to the States for a wedding in June. I need a cleanse or something from all the wine, ice cream and pasta.

A detailed post to come on Prague and then we’ll be up to speed! I’m exhausted already.


  1. TravelEuropeTogether | 10th May 16

    Prague is a dreamlike destination. Isn’t it? 🙂

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