Life Update: Chicago Gourmet

Oh. My. Goodness. U.S.A. U.S.A. I made it home from Germany on Friday early afternoon and I’ve been super low-key since arriving. I feel asleep on Friday night at 7 PM and slept for a good 12 hours.

We have to catch up on some many things! I thought I’d back up to the very beginning, Chicago Gourmet. I wrote about it a little bit here on my last life update, but Chicago Gourmet was so incredible that it deserves its own post.


We arrived right when Chicago Gourmet at Millennium Park opened on Sunday a little after 11 AM. It rained the night before, so the grass was a little wet and the weather was a little overcast, but nothing was going to stop us from having a great time!

Check out that map above! There were so many different tents, so many different presentations, so many different foods to try. Luckily, we had several hours to walk around and find out which stations were the best. Our plan of attack was to just walk around and stop if we found something we liked. Our other plan of attack was to split the majority of things so we wouldn’t get super full. The Padma mentality from Top Chef!

Stop 1: Prosecco! We were given a wine glass with our welcome bags and we promptly filled them with some delicious Ruffino Prosecco. You know I can’t pass on some champs.


We then went into the Target tent. Target sponsored the event and they had a huge tent with samples, giveaways and sunglasses. This is an Italian meatball, which was quite delicious!


Target also made some yummy tiramisu. It wasn’t your standard tiramisu because there weren’t lady fingers in it, but it was still good. Sticking to our few bite strategy, I had a few bites and handed it off to my BFF for her turn.


P.S. I love the little seats that were scattered everywhere. Quite comfy, I wonder if they’re at Target?


Our second stop: Stan’s Donuts! Obviously.


And then another drink, please! Which was the best thing because we ended up waiting in quite a long line for the Seafood tent. This area had several restaurants in one place and they all had some kind of seafood. There were lots of scallops, lots of cilantro and a lobster roll.

IMG_4211 IMG_4212

This picture was taken after I dropped the lobster roll…on the ground….I still ate the inside. Oops.

And then, we made it to the Mexican tent.


OMG. Each of these were insanely delicious. We didn’t even split these, they were so good.


And then, we were pretty full….


So, off to the Stella Artois tent. And, I got to keep the cup!!


Big Parmesan cheese!


More champs while waiting for a filet burger and shrimp.


So delicious.

And then, for the grand finale:




Desserts. Cappuccino. Need I say more? Um, no.


Hi, George Clooney! He invested in a tequila company and their tent had this cut out. The water is the only drink that’s mine.


These desserts were even more amazing than the dessert tent. These were from American Express, who was also a sponsor, and their theme was their new gold card. Those moon pies were my favorite thing from the entire day!!!! So good. I had two.

All in all, Chicago Gourmet was a delicious experience. We were there a little over 2 hours and I left so full I needed to take a nap. I loved feeling like I’m attending a Top Chef party episode and then chatting about the food with my fellow judge.

And last but not least, a picture at the Bean.


Another perfect friendiversary. I can’t wait for what next year will bring, especially because next year is 10 years!


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