Life Update

Hi there, everyone. It’s been a while, I know!

Let’s get you up to speed, shall we?

Chicago Gourmet


This past weekend, I visited Chicago to have my annual BFF trip. Last year we went to NYC and this year we decided to have our friendiversary (year #9) and go to Chicago Gourmet. It’s the Chicago version of the Aspen Food & Wine Festival. In college, Megan and I lived together and obsessively watched Top Chef…well, every show on Bravo to be exact! And Chicago Gourmet was like going to the party version of Top Chef. I’m going to do a full post about this when I get home….which brings me to:

Travelling to Germany for work

The real reason I’ve been MIA is because I am currently in Germany for work. I got home from Chicago on Monday and flew out to Germany on Tuesday. I am finally feeling somewhat normal after a few days, which is good because I will be here for another 6 days.

The rest of the year

I get home from Germany on Friday, October 9th. And then the world keeps being crazy!! Here’s what’s happening in the Room For Gelato world until 2016:

October 17th – Half Marathon

October 22nd – Paul McCartney show

October 24th – Megan and her BF coming to visit

October 26 – 2 year wedding anniversary

November 5 – Mexico for a friend’s wedding


December 1 – More business travel

December 12 – More business travel



Yikes! This makes me tired just looking at it. But also really excited. We have some great plans for the rest of 2015 and I can’t believe it’s already October!

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?


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    Sounds like lots of fun. I live near Chicago and was stalking this festival online.

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