Living in Germany, 1 Month Update

This past Sunday marked my 1 month anniversary of living in Germany. Wow. I can’t really believe it.

A lot has happened in the past month: we bought a car, I (temporarily) became a stay at home wife/doggie mama, we’ve stayed in two different hotels, opened a German bank account, experience culture shock and tried to settle into our new life here in Germany.

I would say that 75% of the first month has been really, really great. 25% has been really, really awful. Not speaking the language is obviously the biggest hurdle to get over, obvi. Hubby and I have started to be more diligent about our Rosetta Stone lessons and yesterday I had my first one-on-one language session. The session went really well and she spoke to me in German the entire time. I didn’t understand almost anything she said, but it’s good to keep hearing German and one day it will just click….right?

We (hopefully) found a place to live and can move in the next two weeks and that will really get the ball rolling on feeling like we live here. And, once we have a place I will certainly be a lot busier with unpacking, trips to IKEA and making our house a home.

The biggest shock so far is how normal it feels to live here. I truly believe Hubby and I have always been meant to move abroad. We both studied abroad in college and we both really like the European lifestyle. I mean, who wouldn’t like to get 30 vacation days and have a 10 hour working limit per day?

Other things that have been great since moving here:

Daily cappuccinos 



love cappuccinos. I became obsessed after studying abroad in Rome and the love affair continues. I must give Germany some credit, their cappuccinos definitely taste just as good as Italy’s. And I never thought I could say that about another country. Especially in the past week of not working, I have taken time daily to go to the local bakery and grab a cappuccino and either writing or reading while I’m there. Today I went to the bakery, drank the above cappuccino, ate a croissant (also delicious!) and read my book for about 2 hours.

I am currently reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and it is exactly like the title suggests: dark. There have been passages that I honestly don’t even want to continue to read because they are so graphic and so dark. It’s good and I want to keep reading because I want to find out what happens, but I definitely want need to read something more lighthearted next.

Bringing Copley EVERYWHERE



Even her blurry face is so cute! I have written about this almost every post, but bringing Copley everywhere is seriously the best. You can’t bring her to the bakeries or the grocery store, but other than that, she’s fair game. She loves exploring and is getting much more acquainted with restaurants and the mall. I foresee a lot more girl shopping in the future! If only she could tell me if clothes look okay or not!

Hubby not working long hours 

This is a huge highlight for me because Hubby was working 12 hours a day on average at his old job. Some days he would work until midnight when something was due. I love that he is a hard worker, especially now that he is the breadwinner (again, only for a while #notyetahousewife), but I hate seeing him work himself sick. I love the 10 hour working limit because it means he’s home early and he doesn’t have to get on his computer again. It’s so nice to have him come home to the hotel and spend quality time together every night. I can’t wait for us to be in our actual home and we can share a home cooked meal together…at a table.

The easy train access

I love that I can hop on a train and be in city center or basically anywhere I want within 30 minutes. I am excited to start planning some trips thanks to the easy-to-use trains!!

The day-to-life is different now than it will be in a few weeks since we are still in the hotel, but I think we are really going to like it here in Germany. The people are very, very nice. The location is perfectly central for traveling to other places in Europe. And we are building memories for a lifetime. #supercheesy

Here’s to focusing on the positive and taking the next three years to our advantage!


  1. Kim Reynolds | 8th Mar 16

    So happy that you found a car and an apartment. Both will help your life settle down. You got through so much in the past month and it paves the way for more fun! We love your blog! Love, Kim and Scott

    • Jessica Howard | 9th Mar 16

      Aw, thanks for reading, Kim and Scott! And thanks for the words of encouragement. It is definitely getting easier.

  2. Lucy | 22nd Mar 16

    Wow you guys have achieved so much in one month! Really inspiring to read 🙂

    • Jessica Howard | 23rd Mar 16

      Thanks!! I just read some of your archives, loving your blog, too!

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