Living in Germany: 1 Year Update

And just like that one year has passed since we moved to Germany!! 365 days of experiencing a new culture. 525,600 minutes of a new language, travel and growth. It is incredibly hard to believe that exactly one year ago I jumped on a plane with Copley with a one-way ticket to Stuttgart, leaving behind everything I’ve ever known.

In this past year, I have grown as a person more than I ever thought imaginable. I have traveled more than I ever thought possible. My love for my husband is deeper than ever. I have to say, this experience of moving to another country and doing it for one year has been the most rewarding time in my life.

To celebrate one year of living in Germany, this week I’m going to be writing one post a day about life here in general, what I wished I had known before moving, my favorite parts of Germany and more. Let’s get started with a life update, one year later!


Life now is much sweeter than I could have ever imagined. Vinn and I spend so much more time together thanks to the German worker’s council law that you can only work 10 hours a day! Vinn worked A LOT in the States and now that he physically can’t work as much, we are spending more quality time at home, hanging out, watching tv, making dinner together and planning our upcoming trips. We have our go-to restaurants now, love taking Copley for walks through different parks and exploring new areas of Stuttgart that we didn’t even know existed.

The sweetest part of life is all the travel we get to do! We had so many grand plans before we left and I am happy to say that we have hit the majority of them, and if we haven’t, we have plans to visit them in the very near future. With an expiration date to go back to the States, we are taking advantage of the time we have here and to visit every place possible.

One part of life here in Germany that was very difficult at the beginning was finding friends. The first few months were hard feeling like I had no one during the day when I wasn’t working and basically spent my days unpacking, walking the dog, watching Bravo and studying German. Of course, I loved certain aspects, but not having anyone to have lunch with or go shopping with was depressing. I am now happy to report that I have made some great friends that I can go see a movie with, have lunch with and talk about how different life is here in Germany. It has been so uplifting to meet women who I connect with while living in another country.

Day-to-day life is still an adjustment. Some things have gotten easier, like navigating the grocery store, and some things are still hard, like communicating. I’m still learning and practicing German at every chance, but it is a hard language to learn and there are still times when someone is talking to me and I have no idea what they are saying! We have built a great at-home routine and try to get out of the house when we can.

Every day brings new challenges but in the best way possible. Overall, one year later life in Germany is wonderful, difficult, full of adventure and getting more and more stamps on our passports.

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