Losing Motivation

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday.

It’s been a rough week already in my neck of the woods. There’s been a bunch of changes at work, the weather has been dreary and i haven’t been feeling like myself. I’ve been experiencing guilt, lots of guilt. Guilt for buying those shoes, guilt for eating those 4 Thin Mint cookies, guilt for not going to the gym since Friday, guilt for only putting in 90% effort at work. And guilt leads to an unhappy Jess.

This morning was bad. Hubby and I set our alarm to go to the gym early to crank out a work out. Well, there was a severe thunderstorm outside. Sleeping in the rain is one of Hubby’s favorite things to do, so, we slept. And getting 8+ hours of sleep is truly wonderful, but now that I’m sitting at work, I have guilt that I didn’t go to the gym and burn some calories. I had cookies last night and a few glasses of wine. Oops.

I have taken some nice long walks lately, which counts as exercise. But I really want to lose about 10 pounds before my friend’s wedding in Mexico in November. It sounds really far away, but it’s really not.

I am also feeling unmotivated at work. I’m currently not feeling super challenged and am just going through the motions, waiting for 5 PM to come.

This post is basically just a rant about my feelings. I don’t currently have a plan to move forward, except to keep making exercise and healthy eating a priority. This blog helps me sort my thoughts and put everything into perspective. Life isn’t about going through the motions. It’s about finding your passion and knowing there’s always room for more gelato!

How do you handle guilt? Am I the only one who waits for 5 PM? 


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 10th Jun 15

    I think we all have those days, Jessica!!! I sure hope today is a better day for you!!!

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