Loveland Half Marathon Recap

Happy Monday! I am happy to announce that I survived the Loveland Half Marathon!!!

Hubby and I arrived in Cincy late Friday night thanks to I-75 closing one of two lanes for the majority of the drive. We went straight to bed and I was super anxious for the race. I definitely didn’t train properly and I was prepared to do a 5 minute run and 1 minute walk with my sister.

When race day arrived, I felt surprisingly great! I got a good night’s sleep and I just went into it with an open mind, no expectations or time goals.

It was quite chilly at the start, but we were bundled up and ready to go!!


My sister and I stayed back with the 12 minute milers, while Hubby took off to do his own race.

Once we started running, I felt amazing!! I wasn’t cold after mile 2 and the route was super flat. My sister and I talked most of the time and before we knew it, it was mile 6!

At that point, we were running on the Loveland Bike Trail and we started to see runners coming back towards us. We just had to make it to mile 7 then we could turn around!! The trees were the perfect fall colors and we were keeping steady at 11:20ish pace. I was feeling great and didn’t even need to walk.

The miles passed by surprisingly quickly and I just kept saying, “Get to 9. Get to 9. Get to 9.” And once we were at 9, I knew the hard part was over. Once we hit mile 10, we picked it up. We spent the race up to that point pacing with a speed walker. She was booking it and stayed at a consistent pace. She was great to chat with and offered us water from her water bottles! Shout out to you, kind lady.

Miles 10 – 13 were the best miles of the whole thing. I wasn’t hurting mentally or physically. I was ready to eat some pancakes and couldn’t believe that I was actually running this thing!

When we saw the finish line, we pushed and I left everything on the course!! I guess not training my best wasn’t that bad. I think my body is used to running and just got in the rhythm. I actually loved running this race.



We crossed the finish line in 2:26, a 11:12 pace. MY BEST RUN EVER!! This was finally the race that I have been wanting to run since I started my running journey. It was the perfect course, the perfect weather and a great partner. I am so proud of my sister, too, because this was her first half marathon ever! Way to go, Laura!!!

Have you ever been surprised by your race results?


  1. Lisa Villaume | 20th Oct 15

    Well done you should be so proud!
    I did my first 10km a few months back and I was elated just to cross the finish line in one piece. Now to try and get under 1hr x

  2. Jessica Howard | 20th Oct 15

    Thanks, Lisa. Congrats on your run, too! Good luck with your training!!

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