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Merry Christmas Eve! We are at my parents’ house and it’s been wonderful so far. The best is yet to come, too. My sister and her dog are landing soon and then the fun will really begin.

Sorry I missed yesterday, but it was quite a day. I had the day off work, so I lived the life of a kept woman. I gotta say, that’s not a bad life.

Here’s how my day looked:

6:15 AM: Wake up, eat breakfast, watch the new #RHOBH episode (side note: WTF is happening with Yolanda?! I hope this doesn’t become the main topic of the season. Been there done that with girth Brooks.

7:15 AM: Drive Hubby to work. I dropped him off at work because it’s on the way to my parents.

8 AM: Orangetheory class. And it was epic.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 8.11.42 AM

9 AM: Panera for refuel. I ordered a ham, egg and cheese sandwich with a side of hazelnut coffee. Sweaty face courtesy of Orangetheory.


9:30 AM: Drop off breakfast sandwich at Hubby’s office. I’m a nice wife.

10 AM: Eat my breakfast and finish watching #RHOBH

10:15 AM: Shower and get ready

11:15 AM: Head out to Cheesecake Factory for a work department lunch. (Everyone else was working today. I had 1 vacation day left, so I took it!) I ordered a lunch Greek salad and crispy crab bites, which were delicious. And, of course, a cappuccino and strawberry cheesecake!



2 PM: Get home and finish packing….and load the car. And sweat while making the 5 trips up and down a flight of stairs.

3 PM: Hit the road!!!

7:30 PM: Arrive at the ‘rents. Hang out and drink wine.

10 PM: Bed.

It was a great day. I wouldn’t hate to be a lady of leisure. Although, I’d imagine I’d just spend A LOT of money if I was left to my own devices. And, I’d either be really fat from just sitting on the couch OR super in shape because I’d go to Orangetheory every day.

I’m really excited to be home for the holidays. I’ll be checking in periodically, but don’t expect a post every day.

What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?

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