Loving This Weather

Hi ya’ll. Happy Tuesday.

I am LOVING this weather. The sun is coming up on my way to the gym and is practically bright by the time I leave for work. It’s staying lighter longer and I’ve noticed a shift in my mood. I’m much happier. It’s also allowed for walks with Copley to get longer. And she’s loving it, too!

I mean, look at this happy face.


This was after our second long walk of the day. With the warm weather, her tongue hangs out and it is seriously the cutest thing ever. Does everyone think their dog is the cutest? It’s probably like your human child, right? Oh well, so what if I’m biased.

Summer is definitely on the horizon and I can’t wait. There aren’t too many plans on the agenda this year, which is a welcome change.

I plan on going to Chicago, have my sister and parents come to MI and celebrate one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties. I’m hoping for a relaxing summer spent lounging by the pool, taking long walks with the pups and trying some new restaurants with Hubby.

What’s on your calendar this summer?

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