Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Fest

Happy Monday, ya’ll. How was your weekend? Our weekend was a combination of getting over colds, time on the couch and spending time exploring what our town has to offer once we felt a little better.

Sunday’s weather was just too perfect to stay inside, so we made our way to the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival. Or, in German, the Kürbisausstellung.

ludwigsburg pumpkin fest

The Schloss Ludwigsburg, or the Ludwigsburg Palace, holds a festival every year where local pumpkin growers and designers work together to display thousands of pumpkins. Every year has a theme and this year is, “The Pumpkin Circus is Coming to Town.” All the displays surrounded this theme, from a rabbit out of a hat, to a tight rope walker, an elephant, a clown (obviously) to a lion and more. My favorites were all of the animals.

Since the weather was so nice and it being a Sunday, we weren’t the only ones who thought it would be a great day to visit the fest. There were people everywhere. You could barely walk or see all the displays.

pumpkin fest 2016

The gorgeous grounds were full of pumpkins, a store filled with pumpkin flavored items and pumpkins for sale. We didn’t stay too long, especially since we brought our little pumpkin with us!

pumpkin fest 16

She was a big hit and everyone kept saying, “Ooh, kürbis Hund,” or pumpkin dog. If there’s ever a time for Copley to wear her pumpkin costume, it was definitely yesterday. She is just so darn cute.


pumpkin fest 2016

ludwigsburg pumpkin fest 2016

Isn’t this just incredible? Everything is made from pumpkins! No wonder it’s the world’s largest pumpkin festival.

pumpkin fest

ludwigsburg fest

I will say that it was a little too crowded to really enjoy everything. I was nervous someone would step on Copley, even though she would stay right next to us. It also costs 8 Euro per person to attend this festival and I just don’t know if it’s worth that. I would definitely recommend families with small children go because it would be great for kids. Next year, we might go during the week and towards the end of the day. I’m happy we went and did something truly German in our German town.


pumpkin fest

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  1. amanda -runtothefinish | 20th Oct 16

    oh you are making me want to visit Germany again!!

    • Jessica | 21st Oct 16

      You definitely should! It is such a beautiful place. When were you in Germany?

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