Maine Recap

Wow. What a whirlwind last week and a half. It was truly incredible to spend a week with my parents, great high school and college friends and celebrating my oldest friend’s wedding.

Even if we didn’t have to travel very far, this weekend would have been amazing. But, having not seen my parents since the beginning of February and some friends for over a year, this trip was really special.

We flew into Boston from the Frankfurt airport on Sunday and met up with my parents to make the 4 hour drive to French’s Point, Maine.


Our first stop: alcohol! This New Hampshire liquor outlet was HUGE and we left with quite a few bottles of wine, prosecco, rose and whiskey. It was the perfect detour/much needed stop. And, the tax in New Hampshire is much less than Maine, so we saved money. Win/win, right?

We fell asleep immediately upon arrival at our rental house. Vinn and I rented a house with another couple but they weren’t arriving until Tuesday, so my parents stayed with us Sunday night.

Monday was my birthday and we hung out all day and then drove an hour to Bar Harbor, Maine. It’s a gorgeous little town and we had a delicious dinner of surf and turf, naturally.


We spent the next few days just hanging out with our friends on our gorgeous deck on the water, drinking wine and catching up. It’s amazing how I have been friends with a lot of these people since I was about 10 years old! And the groom for the wedding has been my friend since we were 5. It is amazing to see how our relationships have grown and changed throughout the years, but we have remained friends. Our conversations have gone from where the party is on Saturday and how awful a date was, to planning for a mortgage, when to have a baby and how we feel in our careers. Friends like that are hard to come by. We cherished the moments this past week.


The bride and groom thought of everything for the wedding week. There were a ton of events planned that really extended the weekend and we got to spend quality time with everyone. Thursday was a whale watching trip and a welcome dinner.

The whale watching was a bust. It was FREEZING and we saw one whale and only a little piece of the whale. We did see some seals, too, which was cool. I didn’t get any good pictures of it and it’s not worth sharing the pictures I did take.

After whale watching, there was a welcome dinner at a lobster pound. Hello, lobster rolls. It was delicious and right on the water.


Friday we had to ourselves during the day. So we hit the pavement for a quick run and a workout in the grass. I won’t share the picture the boys took of us, but it was a great workout! It was great to burn off some steam before more delicious lobster and wine.

Everyone was invited to the rehearsal dinner, which was so sweet. It was on the same property as the reception and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Photo opportunities were plentiful.




The girls in the above pic are all friends since middle school. We got really close in high school and college, and we’ve stayed friends since. Caitlin (on the right) was a bridesmaid in our wedding and Mel (on the left) was Cait’s maid of honor, and Cait her’s. It’s amazing that we are all married ladies now and so happy.

Saturday was the most gorgeous wedding ever. The couple thought of absolutely everything. There were custom napkins, delicious passed appetizers, an oyster station and everything was before the dinner!!


Are they not the most gorgeous bride and groom you’ve ever seen?! I’m not sure what’s happening with my mannequin arm, but whatever!

The reception was in a tent and our table was amazing. The flowers were gorgeous, the dinner was good, the speeches were all heartfelt and the night ended with a bourbon bar and the best dancing ever!


I was certainly sad to leave after such a fantastic time, but I left with a heart full of lifelong memories.

And if you’re wondering, Copley stayed with a pet sitter who was so helpful and loved Copley immensely. We got pictures all the time and updates on our sweet girl. Coming home to her was the best!!


I leave you with the view from our deck. That umbrella was up every single day and we ate, drank and laughed out there.

Congratulations to Mike and Brooke! Thanks for bringing us all together for a fabulous week in Maine!


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