Marathon Training {10 Miles}

Hi There! Happy Snow Day from Michigan!

I’m currently working from home on the couch, which is quite lovely, actually. I wanted to check-in and write about our marathon training run on Saturday, as promised from yesterday’s post.

Saturday was a training run day. On the agenda was 10 miles and the only goal was to beat our previous pace. AND WE DID!! We did an average pace of 12:27, which is awesome.

The weather wasn’t super great. It was cold and a little snowy, but we braved the weather.


We are clearly pumped it’s over though!

I noticed something when we were running: I hit an intense high around 5.5. I would describe it as sheer happiness, which I’ve never really experienced while running. I hit a moment where my mind was clear, my body felt great and I couldn’t really tell what I was doing. It was amazing.

I felt incredibly strong and that my endurance is definitely improving. All I want in this training is to get better, build stamina and, honestly, lose a little weight. I have noticed that my fat is going down but my weight is staying the same. I can definitely up my food game but for now, I’m enjoying life!!

I thought I’d share what I wore on this run because I think it’s fun to read on other blogs.


Under Armour Headband / Dodge 100 fleece <— free from work! / Insanely round, pale face <— all my own / Nike Running pants <— link is similar, these pants are so old / Brooks Adrenaline shoes / Garmin Watch

None of these links are affiliate links or anything. I love these products and don’t expect sponsorships ever.

I’m glad we made the effort to get out there and run and I’m proud of pushing myself.

How was your weekend? Did you run at all? 

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