Marathon Training {12 Miles, ish}

Happy Taper Weeks, Everyone!

It is really hard to believe that marathon training is essentially over and we are 1.5 weeks away from our victory lap.


On Saturday, Hubby and I were scheduled to run 12 miles. In my mind, this was nothing. It was going to be sooooo easy. But, still, it’s 12 miles! That’s more than some people run all week. Hell, even all month.

I basically did everything you’re not supposed to do for this run. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, so my routine was all off. And I had a long drive, so I decided to get a skinny vanilla latte, duh.

Well, I definitely paid for that mistake.

The run started off great. We were at a great pace and before I knew it, it was time to turn around. That 6 miles came up fast.

And then, mile 7. It was rough. I started to feel some major pain in my stomach. My knees didn’t feel so great. By mile 8, I had major chest pain, couldn’t breathe and started to have a panic attack because I couldn’t breathe. It was awful. I couldn’t keep going. My mind wouldn’t turn off about how much pain I was experiencing. I think I had some reflux going on.

We decided to walk a little bit and jogged the last few miles.

It wasn’t the best run, but we still did it! We finished 12 miles at a decent pace.

Note to self: don’t change your routine. Don’t drink steamed milk a few hours before a long run. Don’t eat only Frosted Mini Wheats at 9 AM when you’re not done running until 3 PM.

Please learn from my mistake. I know I will on our final training, long run on Saturday: 8 miles.

How do you taper? Have you ever experienced a panic attack while running?

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