Marathon Training {14 – 7 = 7}

Holy freezing weather. This weekend has been incredibly cold. Saturday it snowed another inch and the high was 10 degrees. BRRRRRR!

With the frigid temperatures, the ice and the snow, Hubby and I made the smart decision to do our training run on the treadmill. Our schedule said 14 miles, which I was actually looking forward to. I’ve never run more than the half marathon distance and passing that would really wrap my mind around running 26.2 miles.

Well…when we decided to run inside, we also decided we were going to run half the distance.

So, 7 miles it was. And 7 miles of sheer pain and torture. I must say the treadmill is the worst thing in the world. My knees hurt, I had to walk, my endurance felt worse than last week and my shorts were riding up the entire time. My thoughts were all over the place…they went something like this:

“Okay, this isn’t so bad.”

“Wait, it’s only been 3 minutes?!”

“God, why can’t they have Bravo on the TVs?”

“I got this! Only 1/2 mile to halfway.”

“I need to do more inner thigh workouts so they don’t rub together.”

“Is everyone thinking why’s this girl still running?”

“Why am I still running?”

“Can I have 2 pieces of tiramisu tonight because I ran today?”

“Is this over?”


All in all, I finished the 7 miles and left the gym feeling accomplished. It was still something and we’ll run the full 14 miles next week (hopefully).

I woke up this morning with sore thighs and some kind of rash on my one inner thigh. I did a bunch of stretching when we got home and that helped. But, if I never have to run that far on a treadmill again, that would be great.

Now, I’m off to pack some boxes because I’m so done with winter weather!!

How are you handling the winter weather? Do you run on the treadmill?


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