Marathon Training {14 Miles}

Well, I did it!

14 miles.

That’s right, 14 miles. It’s the furthest I’ve ever gone and I worked for it. It was only 21 degrees and I ran by myself because Hubby is still fighting a cold.

Here are my thoughts during each mile:

Mile 1: Feeling great. I spent the majority of this mile looking at my Garmin watch and forcing myself to run slower. I have a tendency to come out of the gate super fast, so I’ve been forcing myself to run slower at the beginning. I felt really good and finished this mile way too fast then I should have.

Mile 2: Still feeling good and can feel all my limbs. I kicked ass running up a big hill.

Mile 3: Losing feeling basically from the neck down. But my hands are sweating in my gloves. I kicked it up a notch thanks to Darius Rucker.

Mile 4: Near death experience while running under a bridge. The snow was still really high and there were only a few footprints. I had to use the bridge beams for support.

Mile 5: Feeling surprisingly great. Fastest mile yet.

Mile 6: Holy cow! Almost to half way. Just have to get to 6.5 and then I can have a GU.

Mile 7: O m gee. Vanilla Bean GU tastes just like vanilla frosting. Best thing ever! I’m thinking I can do this!

Mile 8:  Geeze, that was exhausting. And I have 6 more miles to go. Crap

Mile 9: Just make it to 10. Running against traffic is scary. I swear a car swerved toward me.

Mile 10: Okay, only 4 miles to go. I can do this!!

Mile 11: The huge hill. I walk a little bit to give my legs a break. I haven’t felt my butt since mile 2. My knees are so cold it takes everything to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Mile 12: Another GU. It wasn’t as good as vanilla bean, but strawberry banana is an oldie but a goodie. 2 miles to go! I can do this! I must do this. CHOCOLATE MILK!

Mile 13: Holy moly. This is going to be the worst mile ever. Am I done yet? I want to walk again, but I just run slowly and keep moving forward.

Mile 14: I DID IT! It’s over!! THANK GOD!

Overall, I’m proud of myself for running 14 miles. It was tough, but I’m glad I did it. It opened my eyes to how much more training there is to do. I know I can run 13 miles, so 14 wasn’t that big of a stretch. But next week, when we run 16, is going to make or break us.

My game plan is to eat gluten free waffles with peanut butter and a banana beforehand and to eat 3 GU on the way. I want to try eating one at mile 6, one at mile 12 and then one at mile 15 just to see how it helps me.

Do you have any advice for running 16 miles? When was the last time you felt accomplished?


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