Marathon Training {16 Miles}

Hidey Ho, Neighbors. <— oh man, did I used to love Home Improvement. Tim the Tool Man Taylor was one of my favorite TV dads!


This weekend was quite busy. A 4-hour drive to Cincinnati on Friday night, a 3-hour drive to Kentucky for my step-grandpa’s birthday party, a 3-hour drive back on Saturday, a 16-mile marathon training run and finally a 4-hour drive back to the Mitten State! I’m exhausted today.

I’m not going to do my standard Weekend Wrap-Up this week because it’s basically all above. And no one wants or needs to see a picture of me driving and singing Shania Twain at the top of my lungs! (Yes, that happened. It made the drive so much faster)!

But, I do want to share the tale of running 16 miles for the first time ever.

Sunday was the most perfect day for a run. It was sunny and in the upper-40’s. Glorious! The only issue we ran into <— see what I did there? was that a lot of the sidewalks still had snow and ice on them. It was actually quite dangerous, but we adjusted and ran mostly on the road.

I have to give a huge shout out to my Hubby for running this distance. He’s been battling a cold and work has been crazy, but he ran the whole 16 miles with me. He’s a hard ass.

The first 7 miles were okay. Going through the ice was difficult and we had to walk over most of it, so our time wasn’t the best.

Once we got into our groove, around mile 9, it went pretty quickly. I remember saying, “These miles are coming up pretty fast!” Then…I ate my words!

Around mile 11, there was a huge hill, which seems to be a recurring theme. I suppose that’s a good thing because the Nashville Marathon has quite a bit of hills, so it’s good to practice. We ended up walking for a little bit of the hill, which was a nice reprieve. What wasn’t nice was starting to run again. HOLY KNEES! I couldn’t believe the amount of pain I was experiencing. It was like a bunch of tiny knives were going through my knees. I can’t even describe it any better than that. It was just awful.

But then, we chugged along for 3 more miles feeling pretty good. The last mile was rough. I felt like my 85-year old Mima just shuffling along. Just one foot in front of the other. What else can you do? The saving grace was running through a very nice neighborhood with very nice houses. It’s so fun to look at these “estates” and we all know I love looking at real estate!

The last mile took longer than some other miles, but WE FINISHED! I didn’t bring my phone and Hubby’s phone died, so there’s no photo evidence of our run. Oh well! We stretched a little bit then headed straight to Kroger for chocolate milk! Because the only thing I could think about starting at mile 9 was chocolate milk. And talk about torture. Think about it. Where is the milk in the grocery store? ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK!!! It hurt to walk back there. Hubby had to physical push me at one point. But then, sweet, sweet chocolate milk. It was like I hadn’t had anything to drink in months, it was so delicious!!


Don’t worry…I had about 7 glasses like this. 🙂

I spent the rest of the day reading this gem:


and taking a nap. We had to drive back to Michigan that night so I wanted to get in some good rest. Oh, and eat Mom’s lasagna. YOU ALWAYS STAY FOR MOM’S LASAGNA!


Gotta carb load after running that much, right?

So, we survived our longest run yet. I am finally starting to feel like we’re actually going to be doing this in a month and a half. It’s crazy!!

How was your weekend? What is your favorite food to eat after a long run?

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