Marathon Training {22 Miles}

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. We’re having our Easter at home and it is going to be glorious. Lots of couch snuggles, yummy omelets and homemade pasta, meatballs and sauce later today. Hope you have a great day!

Yesterday was 0ur final long training run. 22 miles. I am proud to say we lived to tell the tale. This run was the best run of the entire training, if you can believe it. I felt like the woman running during the commercial for What Women Want.


It was just me, Hubby and the road. All of a sudden, we hit mile 7 and I hadn’t had a single thought the entire time. I’ve noticed that my brain literally turns off and my body is just doing muscle memory to keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other.

At the halfway point, mile 11, I was starting to feel tired. Mostly my mind was tired and I couldn’t really wrap my mind around doing what I just did over again. And then it hit me: STOP THINKING! START DOING! Just keep going. You’ve done 20 miles, you can do this.

And I did. Miles 12 – 14 were a little bit slower, but we picked up the pace from 15 – 18. I just kept telling myself how many 5k’s were left. Only 3 more 5k’s. Only 2 more 5k’s. Just get to mile 19 and have your last GU.

Once we got to mile 20, something in me sparked. I got much faster. It’s probably because I started listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Only 2 more miles! 2 MORE MILES! You can do anything. I felt invincible. Like I could go do anything I wanted to.

The last mile started off rough. So close, but so far. THEN, Shake it Off started playing. This song is everything. I started almost sprinting. I starting singing the song and dancing. What got into me? I was so elated that we’d gotten this far and we were almost done and I felt amazing. So amazing that I listened to Shake it Off again! I pushed through and our last mile was our fastest mile of the whole 22 miles.

Now that it’s over, I feel so ready for this marathon. If I can do 22 miles, those last 4 miles will be pure adrenaline. And if I listen to Taylor Swift, I know I can make it. I want to finish this marathon without walking and with a smile on my face. OK, and maybe some tears. We’re really doing this!

T-minus 20 days. Here’s to taper time!

Have you ever experienced runner’s high? What’s the furthest you’ve ever run?


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