Marathon Training {8 Miles}

Only 6 more days! Holy golly, gee whiz. I can’t even believe it. We’re going to be running a marathon THIS SATURDAY! It’s been a long time coming and I’m starting to feel the anxious, nervous, excited butterflies in my stomach.

I know we’re ready. We’ve been training since the end of December. We’ve done so many training runs. I think I feel ready. I’m not entirely sure what to expect race day, but I know we can do it. The hard part is behind us!

This past Saturday, we had our final training run. We set out to run 8 miles at a slower than race day pace.

I have to take a moment and just say that a few years ago, I never thought I’d be able to run 3 miles. Then I trained for my first half marathon in 2011. I never thought I could do it. And now I’m here with 4 half marathons under my belt about to embark on my first full marathon. I am so proud of myself and my Hubby. I’m so happy we’re doing this together and checking the box off the bucket list.

Anyhoo, the 8 miles went extremely fast. All of a sudden we were at mile 4 and turning around. It was amazing.

We kicked ass running up the hills. It was a great run. A great way to end. I will say that I’m happy training is over and I’m looking forward to race day. But I’m excited to do something else, excited to get back into weight training and watching TV on the elliptical.

I will be writing a marathon training reflection post and a recap of the actual race.


Here we go!


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 19th Apr 15

    Have a great race!!!

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