Marathon Training {8 Miles}

With our marathon training in full swing, Hubby and I did an 8 mile run on Saturday. I didn’t talk about it in my Weekend Wrap-Up because I learned so much that I think it deserves its own post.

Our run started around 10:30 AM in the semi-bitter cold. It was about 25 degrees and not ideal. I saw the high was supposed to be in the mid-30’s so I didn’t run with a vest or a headband. #stupid

I learned a lot about myself on this run. It’s especially interesting to compare to our last 8 mile run 2 weeks ago.

Our first 8 mile run splits:

1st 8 Mile Run

As you can see, mile 6 was pretty awful! The goal for the run on Saturday was to run slower in the beginning and then faster at the end. My problem on the first run was starting out way too fast then getting exhausted at the end.

Here’s our splits from Saturday:

Sat Run

We ended much faster at the end. Goal achieved! It was surprisingly hard to run that slowly in the beginning, but I could tell I had a lot more energy at the end. The time for each mile is much more steady this time, too.

What I learned on this run:

I am in better shape than I give myself credit. I used to (and still do to some extent) compare myself to other runners. So and so can run an 8-minute mile, why can’t I? She’s so fit and thin, I wish I looked like that. But on this run, I realized that I am running 8 miles and don’t have to walk! My body can do the same thing for 1 hour straight. I realized I should run my run and that’s it. The fact that I get up on a Saturday morning and run is an accomplishment. I should be proud of myself!

I need to stretch more. I noticed my knees and quads were quite tight on this run. I know I need to stretch, but I just hate it, what can I say. I spent quite a bit of time with the heating pad on Sunday because my quad wasn’t feeling too great. I also bought a foam roller yesterday and am excited to use it.


(Oh, and I watched a bunch of old Housewives episodes)!

I hate to run in circles. We tried a new route yesterday and I pretty much hated it! We did need a change from our usual route that’s out and back, which I like. I like to know that I’ve hit the halfway point and can just turn around. I know what I’m getting if I run the same each way. This time, we ran in a circle and we were basically home when we hit our halfway point. That’s what I didn’t like. I was mentally prepared to be done but we were only halfway!

I think about what I’m going to eat the entire time. Does anyone else do that? In our 8 miles, I went from wanting pancakes to ice cream to hot chocolate. When we got home, I drank chocolate milk and then a turkey sandwich. It helps get me through.

When I’m careless, I get hurt. At 6.75 miles, I turned a corner and rolled my ankle. I wasn’t paying attention and all I wanted to do was run faster so I could be done. I had to walk for a quick second and my knee hurt a little bit afterwards, but I was fine.

I have fun running with Hubby. It is a lot of fun to run together. I like committing to a goal with him and being a team. We push each other…well…mostly he pushes me because he’s so much faster. I certainly couldn’t train or run a marathon without him.

Do you run? What have you learned about yourself?


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