Marathon Training {Does It Matter? It's So Cold}

It’s been quite a mental weekend. I seriously had a few moments where I wanted to go to Home Depot, pick up some boxes and pack up everything and just get in the car and drive. Drive until I ran out of gas. I’m just overwhelmed. This weather is awful.

I am hating this winter. I am hating this snow. I am hating being cold. I am hating being stuck inside. I am hating that my nostrils instantly freeze when I step outside.

I’m not sure if I should even write this post because it’s not going to be positive. And I want this blog to be positive. “There’s always room for the good things in life” is my tag line for goodness sake. But, sometimes the good thing in life is to sit on the couch, with a glass of prosecco and get a blank mind.

How did I get on this topic? This past week was also bad for marathon training. I can’t even tell you.

It was snowing this weekend so we couldn’t do a long run outside. We ran 6 miles on the treadmill on Saturday and 3 today. I hated it. The gym was so hot today! There weren’t any fans going and I thought I was going to pass out.

I didn’t learn anything, I hated what I was doing and have nothing positive to say.

We can’t all love everything, right?

I’m glad this weekend is over, but I wish I had more time to relax and do nothing. I’m looking forward to this week of getting back to my old self. And the weather looks like it’s going to be nice enough on Saturday for a long run outside. Here’s to finally running those 14 miles.

Do you ever have bad runs? How do you handle bad runs? If I say bad runs again will you think I have food poisoning?

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