Milan Part Duo

I’m back to share part two of our long weekend in Milan. In case you missed it, here’s the recap of day one.

Our Saturday began earlier than Friday, thank goodness, and we headed to the Duomo first to finally take some family pictures. The Milan Cathedral is much larger than I initially imagined and took nearly six centuries to be completed. It was actually under construction while we were there, but it was still stunning.




One negative to the Duomo is that there are pigeons everywhere. And then there are men handing out bird seed to tourists trying to sell it to them. Copley was having a hay day chasing all the birds, so we didn’t stay too long there.




See, Copley is eyeing the pigeons. Silly goose.

We walked around more, window shopped and then dropped off Copley at the hotel so we could head to a rooftop bar with a great view of the city. We actually met some friends there who were passing through Milan on their way to Lake Como. It was great to have some drinks, appetizers, great conversation, all with an incredible view.






After sitting in the sun for a few hours, we both were really in the mood for a nap, so we went back and snuggled with Copley for an hour. After the rest, we decided to go for a walk with the dog to tire her out before we left for dinner….and we had more gelato.




After our walk, we dropped off Copley and then walked about 35 minutes to dinner at Boccondino. I had read about this restaurant on TripAdvisor and after reading all of the reviews, I knew we had to go!

The concept of the restaurant is that there is no set menu, each course is a surprise with an option of a wine pairing. Obviously, we opted for a wine pairing and were prepared to be super full afterwards.

Once we arrived, the owner of the restaurant greeted us, took us to our table and poured us a glass of Prosecco as a welcome treat. When the owner was explaining the concept of the restaurant he said, “Do you know what we’re about here?” When we answered that we knew a little bit, he responded with, “It’s very simple. We want to increase your cholesterol!” I mean, isn’t that the goal of any Italian restaurant.




We started with some fresh vegetables, bruschetta and a fried cheese balls. I knew we were in for a treat after eating the fried cheese balls. They were delicious!

Next came the meat course. The restaurant cures their own meat and, boy, was it amazing! We had a range of prosciutto and salami and we ate them from most fat to least. It was better than any other meat I’ve ever had in my life.

Then the real highlight of the night, the pasta course! They brought out a huge wheel of parmesan cheese with basil cream pasta in it. We also had risotto with asparagus. Another huge perk was that they left the bottle of wine with this course at our table. It was a delicious Sangiovese wine and we certainly enjoyed our fair share of refills.




Words cannot describe how amazing the basil cream pasta was. After the first bite, I literally hit my hand on the table, it was so good. After we each licked our plates clean, I jokingly said to the waiter that we wanted more. And then he brought us more!! Another entire plate full of the basil cream pasta. We were both beyond full but somehow managed to finish the second helping. You could tell this pasta was homemade, the sauce wasn’t too heavy or too light and it was out of this world. I don’t think I could even come close to replicating it at home but I am certainly going to try.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but we had more courses after the pasta. And it involved cheese and dessert. But glorious, homemade buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and burrata cheese. And then the “cheese guy” came out with this HUGE platter of cheese for us to select. I have no idea how we kept eating, but we did. And then they brought out chocolate chip biscotti and raspberry sorbet.

This meal was out of this world and top two meals of my entire life. If you go to Milan, you MUST visit this restaurant. It was a life changing, once in a lifetime experience.

After a very deep, food coma sleep, we woke up on Sunday and got right in the car to start our drive back to Germany. There was quite a bit of traffic, so we decided to stop in Lugano, Switzerland to walk around and have lunch. Lugano is stunning and is essentially the Swiss side of Lake Como, but it’s on Lake Lugano.




I mean, is that not the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen?! We walked along the boardwalk for a while just staring at the boats and houses, dreaming about what life would be like if we lived somewhere like this. We both love being near the water, so I definitely think a house on water is in our future. But in America and not Switzerland, we are not millionaires.




Just stunning. We walked a little more and then found an Italian restaurant for lunch. Since Lugano is just on the other side of Italy, there were lots of Italian restaurants and lots of Italian language speaking. Isn’t that so cool?




I just can’t get over how cute Copley is. I love taking pictures of her on ledges with water or a monument in the background. It’s becoming a thing. Remember this picture from Vienna? Such a model.




One more because look at how happy they both look!

After lunch, we headed back to the car to drive back to Germany. We hit quite a bit of traffic, like we didn’t move for an hour, people were getting out of their cars traffic. But, we were driving through the Alps again, so at least we had an amazing view. The mountains are just incredible and every time I see them it I am just in awe. There are waterfalls everywhere, snow caps and even little lakes.




Thank Goodness for the self-timer on the camera. It comes in handy so much when no one is around. We went from 80 degrees to 50 in the mountains, so we were all pretty darn cold. Copley was even shaking. I think it’s so funny to see us in our summer clothes with snow and ice around us. Copley’s like, “What is this crap?”

We eventually made it home to Germany late Sunday night, exhausted, full and content. It was a great weekend in Milan!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

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