Moving to Germany FAQ

Since our exciting news broke last week about our move to Germany, I’ve been getting a lot of questions via text and Facebook about our next adventure! I thought I’d put them all in once place.

How did you discover the opportunity to work/move abroad?

We are blessed that Hubby works for a company that promotes working internationally and the company’s locations outside of the US. Hubby is a very hard worker, one of the many things I love about him, and because of that, he was noticed by upper management to move up the corporate ladder.

The job itself was presented to him and it was just a great fit!

When did you find out?

The end of October is when we found out and told our families. Once we signed the paperwork in November, we told our friends and my work. And we made it “Facebook official” once we were on our house hunting trip.

Will you be working in Germany?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, I will be working, I just don’t know what that means yet. I have a bunch of different options, but nothing is finalized.

Are you nervous?

Yes. But in a college freshman sort of way. We’re moving to a new place, a completely different culture, new language, everything is new. Just like college. And college turned out to be the greatest time ever thanks to meeting Hubby and my best friends, who are still my best friends today.

I would say I am more excited than nervous!!

Is Copley going with you?


OF COURSE! I wouldn’t be able to move without Copley. She’s our baby. Who could leave this face?

Do you have a place to live?

Yes. Our trip was a house hunting/culture training trip and we were lucky enough to find something we love. It’s not finalized yet, but we are excited. For security reasons, I won’t be sharing exactly where we live or any pictures of the outside. You understand, right? This internet stuff is still scary 🙂

What did your family think?

Initially, they were quite shocked but excited. They knew this was a possibility but once it was solidified, they finally started processing it. Everyone has been so supportive, even though it’s sad we won’t be able to see each other every few months. We’ll adjust and now they have an even bigger excuse to come to Europe! Trips are already in process.

What makes you the most excited?

Just thinking about this new adventure. I think this move will definitely bring Hubby and I closer together because we’ll only have each other. It’s going to deepen our bond. I’m excited to explore a different culture and to grow as a person, to be come a more worldly thinker. I’m excited to travel, obvi. I’m excited to bring Copley to restaurants and shopping! Dogs can basically go anywhere except the grocery store, even on the bus or train. I’m excited for everything!!


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