My Eat, Pray, Love

On our flight home from Germany, I watched a bunch of movies. I watched Jurassic World (I officially have a minor crush on Chris Pine), Friends with Benefits (a standard chick flick with Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis) and Eat, Pray, Love.

I hadn’t seen Eat, Pray, Love and the movie, while not the best I’ve ever seen, it definitely got me thinking. It got me thinking about what my version of eat, play, love would be.



My first thought is to go to Italy for a year and eat, pray, love there. I would go to Rome to eat, Milan to pray to the fashion Gods and the Amalfi Coast for love. When the movie showed parts of Italy, my heart exploded and ached at the same time. I swear, overtime I go to Italy I leave a piece of my soul. Some day, I’d love to live there permanently and have a love affair with gelato, pasta, pizza, seafood and more gelato. There’s always room for gelato!



If I really had to choose places to go, here’s where I would go:

Eat: Italy 

No explanation necessary. The food in Italy is unmatched.



Pray: Greece

Something about being in the oldest country in the entire world makes me feel quite spiritual. The idea of Athens reminds of how big and old the world actually is; how we are all only put not this earth for a short amount of time and we need to make sure to live life to the fullest.



Love: Bora Bora 

My version of love would be a little different from the movie. I wouldn’t be searching for love, but I would be deepening my connection to Hubby. No place seems more romantic than Bora Bora. We’d stay in one of those huts overlooking the water, have dinner on the beach and lounge on a beach bed.



Some day, I’ll have visited all these places! Bucket list!!

Where would you go to eat, pray, love?

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