My Favorite Wines

Over the weekend, Vinn and I went to our city’s wine festival. In German, it’s called Weinlaube, which literally translates to Wine Pergola. We walked around, drank some delicious rose and white wine and tried to teach Copley not to bark at children. It was super fun!


Pic from Instagram @jmwhoward!

Walking around the little wine festival really got me thinking about my favorite wines. I will exclude my ultimate favorite, prosecco/champagne, from the mix because that just wouldn’t be fair.

Anything Tuscan 

In 2012, my family and I spent two weeks exploring Europe, including the Tuscan region of Italy. We went on an all-day wine tour in the Chianti region, where we sipped on Chianti Classicos, Super Tuscans and several reserve labels. It was divine. I also love a Montepuciano di Abruzzo, which we can fin aplenty here in Germany. There’s something about the deep red color and the bold flavors that just make my soul sing. And, let’s face it, anything from Tuscany is absolutely delicious.



Along with the bold red theme, Malbec is another personal favorite. It’s the perfect combination of dry and sweet. Vinn loves this, as well, and I can remember very clearly drinking this the night the new Pope, who is from Argentina, gave his first speech. The Alamos brand is actually my favorite, too.



There is nothing better than a glass of crisp, semi-dry rose on a hot summer day. And if you add bubbles to it, I’m in heaven!

Duckhorn Vineyards 


My parents visited this vineyard on one of their trips to Napa and they gave us a bottle once. The cabernet sauvignon is absolutely delicious. To me, it’s quite smooth for a drier kind of wine. It pairs perfectly with a filet mignon and mashed potatoes. Ooh, that sounds delicious!

Pinot Grigio 


Like rose, something about a hot day makes me want a nice, cold glass of pinot grigio. Although, unlike Ramona Singer, I don’t need Pinot Grigio at all times. It’s certainly not a drink I order often, but dining al fresco with a nice sunset and some fish, sheer perfection!

Obviously, I favor red wines, but I’m willing to try anything once. And one of my favorite activities on vacation is to go wine tasting.

What are your favorite wines?

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