My Inbox Situation

In my work-life, I lived by the mantra of “Inbox 0.” I set aside time each and every day to read, respond and act to each e-mail so that I could walk out of the office without any unread emails. It felt so great to leave feeling accomplished.

Unfortunately, I did not apply the same logic to my personal e-mail….


I mean…look at that…almost 10,000 unread e-mails! How does that happen to a person?

I use Gmail, which I love, and I utilize their Inbox, Social and Promotions tabs. The promotions tab is what got me! I have signed up for hundreds of emails from stores, previous gyms, random companies just to get a discount on a purchase and NEVER unsubscribed. Instead of deleting and unsubscribing, I just left them.

This weekend, I decided to tackle my inbox situation. The biggest thing I did was delete EVERY SINGLE E-MAIL in the Promotions tab. I didn’t need them. That took out almost 9,000 emails. Then I went through my inbox and deleted old or unneeded emails and the same with the social tab.

I am now the proud owner of an “Inbox 1.” The one unread email is a reminder that I have to do something…in this case…it’s upgrade this blog domain!

For the future, I plan to unsubscribe to promotional emails as they come and to utilize the labels in Gmail to stay better organized. It’s been one day but so far I’ve maintained the “Inbox 1” and it feels great. I check my e-mail a few times a day but it’s fantastic to feel “on top of it!”

How do you handle your Inbox Situation?


  1. Rachel | 18th May 16

    Try using! It’s a website that allows you to sign into your email via the site, and it lists everything you subscribe to. You can easily click “unsubscribe” from everything that you don’t want, all listed in a single place. You can also add emails to a “rollup” where you will get the emails once a day in one big email, rather than separately. It’s an awesome, free service!

  2. Jessica Howard | 18th May 16

    Great tip, Rachel! I’ll absolutely use that!

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