My New Fav Kitchen Gadget

I’m not one who loves the latest kitchen gadget. I have the standard gadgets: KitchenAid mixer, Keurig, food processor and blender. Some are really nice and some are not. My blender was $14.99 and from TJ Maxx.

With marathon training over, I’ve been focusing on more weight training (hello, Tone it Up) and eating as healthy as possible. Of course, a chocolate cookie is still in my diet and will never go away, for sure.

In an effort to eat healthily, I decided to get a new kitchen gadget: the Veggetti.


I also don’t usually buy things that are “as seen as tv.” I usually think that means it’s crap. But, all hail the Veggetti.

I decided to make zucchini pasta last night and it was so easy to use! You literally just put the zucchini on the side that you want, there’s a thin slice and a thicker slice.

I chose the thinner side. You just twist the zucchini and, voila, you have zucchini noodles.


You can make noodles out of anything and use as a substitute to pasta, which is what I did last night.

I grilled some shrimp and then topped my new zoodles with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese.


It was delicious! I am a convert. I plan on using this whenever I want to eat pasta. I want to try some kind of Alfredo sauce next.

Do you have any veggie spiraler recipes to share? 

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