New Cleaning Routine

This past week I tried something new: I did some kind of cleaning chore every single day.

I wanted to try and see if it would make our house feel cleaner and if I would feel less stressed about cleaning. I would do some kind of cleaning activity daily in the past, but I count one load of laundry or just wiping down the kitchen counters as a daily activity. I would reserve the real cleaning for the weekends when I would have more time to dedicate to it and I would clean everything in one fell swoop (or sweep, get it?)…and then I would be exhausted.

I honestly thought this was the only way to go about cleaning. But, after reading a post on Blair’s blog, I knew I could do something different. She wrote about how she changed her cleaning routine and that it totally changed her. I felt inspired to give it a try!

cleaning routine

Here’s what I did:

Monday – clean the bathrooms

Tuesday – dust

Wednesday – vacuum

Thursday – rest

Friday – wipe floors

I still clean the kitchen counters daily and throw in a load of laundry pretty much every day, but that doesn’t feel any different. And what I discovered was fascinating. I found that I can actually accomplish so much in 3o minutes. It took me 45 minutes to clean the bathrooms but that was the longest time I spent cleaning in the past week. And that is worth everything.

Did the house feel cleaner? Yes. Did I stress less about cleaning? Yes. Did I feel more inclined to be clean and organized? Yes. Do I plan to stick to this plan? Yes.

Now that a week has passed since I cleaned the bathrooms, I noticed that they were less dirty after one week, with some spot cleaning in between. This past Monday, it only took me about 35 minutes to clean because I wiped down the sink every other day and pick up the hair that somehow falls out of my head and onto the floor in clumps.

I love having a clean home and it makes my OCD heart flutter!

What’s your cleaning routine? Do you find it helpful to do it all at once or small tasks every day?


  1. Abby Saylor | 8th Nov 16

    I love how you broke up your routine day by day. I typically just choose one day to deep clean, so I liked learning about your process. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Jessica | 9th Nov 16

      Thanks so much! The new routine has honestly been life changing. I’m so glad you liked it!

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