New Running Goal

It’s been about 4 months since the marathon and it’s usually about this time after a race where I start feel the itch again. I was sure I wouldn’t feel that itch again because the training was pretty brutal physically and mentally.

But, it’s happened again. I have a new running goal/new race on the horizon.


That’s right. I’m going to run another half marathon!! This will be my 5th half marathon ever and I’m really excited. My sister and Hubby are going to run, too! It’s my sister’s first half marathon. I’m excited for her to try it out.

We decided to run the Cincy Half Marathon because it’s my hometown, it’s super laid back and it’s on a Saturday! My sister is traveling from Atlanta and having an event on Saturday is nice because then we can party that night and still have most of Sunday to recover.


The race is on October 17th, which doesn’t give us too much time to train, but I think we’ll be okay. I have been working out really hard and know that I could crank out a good 5 or 6 miles without any trouble.

I don’t have a true time goal. My goal is usually just to finish. It’s worked for me so far! And I hope to finish with my sister since this is her first one. We’ve done a 10K together and I am excited for running 13.1 miles with her. Of course, I’m excited to run with Hubby too but I think he’s going to run for time and crush us!!

I’ll definitely be writing about my training experience. I gained about 6 pounds with marathon training and I hope to lose those 6 pounds plus some this time around. I’m down 3 or 4, so it won’t be too hard. I just need to not eat everything in sight. Unlike this past week because I had a few sandwiches and pieces of pizza and Mexican food. Oops. We all gotta live, right?

What’s your next fitness goal?


  1. lawright175 | 2nd Sep 15

    Can’t wait to run with you – if I make it! Wish me luck…

    • lawright175 | 2nd Sep 15

      I definitely think having a badass playlist is the best way to make it through! I’m loving me some Kanye right now (on my Spotify playlist appropriately named “Twerk”). What’s on your playlist?

      • Jessica Howard | 2nd Sep 15

        Nice. Twerk. My playlist has the exact opposite of yours! A lot of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. A little bit of Bey, obvi.

    • Jessica Howard | 2nd Sep 15

      Yayy! I can’t wait either.

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