New Running Goal

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours’ was pretty great. We had a nice, low-key night on Friday, a night on the town with friends on Saturday and giggled at Nick Offerman on Sunday. I was disappointed in the show and would give it a C+. I laughed but it wasn’t hilarious.

A big part of the weekend was running a 5K. It wasn’t organized or anything, I just put my shoes on and ran 3.1 miles. I am running that distance every Sunday and tracking my times to see if I can get faster.

My new running goal: 5K under 30 minutes by end of summer!


This is a picture from my fastest 5K and it was 32:18. Fastest ever. And it was just about 2 years ago. Time to step up my game. P.S. I want my legs to look this again!

Last week, my 5K was done in 34:05. That’s not too bad. My pace was much faster than the marathon pace.

Yesterday, my 5K was done in 32:58. And it was tough. I definitely pushed myself. I was huffing and puffing. And it was 85% humidity, so that was brilliant on my part. It felt great to just go out there and run. I looked down at my watch at one point and saw that it said 10:20. Speed demon.

I’m really excited to see how fast I can get. I did notice a difference yesterday in my legs and that I feel stronger. Thank you weight work outs.

What’s your next goal? Are you looking forward to summer runs?


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 18th May 15

    Good luck!! I bet you can accomplish this goal in no time at all!! <3

    • Jessica Howard | 18th May 15

      Thanks, Michelle! Good luck with your marathon training! Looks like you’re doing awesome!

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