October 2017 Favs


I love October. It usually means the start of fall weather, even though in Germany it was still warm most of the month, our wedding anniversary, pumpkins and lots of candy. This past month was fairly quiet, full of rest, dinners with friends and preparations for our anniversary trip to Tuscany.

And the end of the month can only bring one thing, my monthly favorites! There’s some new products, a new podcast and some great reads from around the web. Please leave a comment below with some of your favorite things in October. I’d love to hear them!

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Glass containers

I have read everywhere how bad plastic containers are, even if they say they are BPA-free. So, this month, I decided I should become an adult and get rid of all of my Tupperware without the lids and invest in some glass containers. I have used these for meal prep and actually make me want to eat leftovers. I absolutely love them.

Dirty John Podcast


I love true crime podcasts, especially on long car trips. This past week, Vinn and I listened to the Dirty John podcast and were INSTANTLY hooked. It starts with an autopsy report and you don’t know who the person is, who killed him/her or why. You come to realize quickly that this is a story of love between two people where one of them, the husband, is a con-artist. You learn about all the cons the husband has pulled in his life and it is fascinating to hear what he was able togged away with.

If you like any crime tv show, you will love this podcast. Thank goodness we had 6 hours in the car, so we could finish it without stopping!

The Mentalist


I know this show hasn’t had a new episode since 2015 but we just discovered it. This show kept coming up on our ‘Recommended’ page on Netflix, so we decided to give it a try after finishing many other series. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about detectives at the California Bureau of Investigation and how they work with their consultant, Patrick Jane, who uses unconventional methods, like mind reading, to solve crimes.

I love trying to solve each case and appreciate the humor that Simon Baker brings to the seriousness of the show. If you’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada, yes, this is the guy who seduces Andy and calls her “baby.”

Shania Twain’s New Album


I love Shania Twain, not as much as my dad, but she was always one of the singers we would listen to in the car growing up. She has such a beautiful voice and it is especially impressive that she can sing since she was diagnosed with a vocal cord disorder a few years ago.

Her new album, Now, is the Shania we know and love. She has some love songs, some great dance songs and the lyrics are everything. It is my go-to recently while cooking dinner.

A good read

If you are in the market of buying a home, I highly recommend this article titled, “Should I Buy a House?” It gives pros and cons of homeownership and gives good insights on what it’s really like. Vinn and I have been talking a lot lately about when we’d like to buy a house and what that savings plan would look like, so this was valuable to us.


What are you loving this month?


October Favorite Podcasts, Products, Music and Articles


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  1. Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real | 1st Nov 17

    Dirty John got me hooked when it started off with an autopsy report. The whole time I had no idea who killed the person. He was a total scumbag (in my opinion!) with all of the cons he pulled.

    • Jessica | 2nd Nov 17

      Agreed!! I thought for sure it was a different person who died the whole time. It was such a surprise!

  2. Ara Lawrence | 2nd Nov 17

    I prefer the glass containers as they can be placed in the dishwasher (I never put plastic in my dishwasher). I did throw away a lot of plastic ware (along with lots of other stuff) whether it was tupperware or not when we moved. Just yesterday, however, at a lunch to celebrate Less’ birthday, she commented on my “vintage Tupperware”, a piece that had belonged to Gram!

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